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Chrissy Confused
30-05-08, 13:32
My laptop has just come back from having a system restore.

My husband backed everything up on an external harddrive first and now I need to put it all back on.

Is it as complicated as hubby is making out or is it just clicking a few button and we're done?


30-05-08, 13:35
Is it just data or do you mean software / programs as well?

Chrissy Confused
30-05-08, 13:38
some programes I have already put back on, but its what was in my files, manily things people had sent me to do with geneaology, bookmarks for sites I visit, itunes etc etc

Chrissy Confused
30-05-08, 13:55
Might go offline for a bit,hubby has a new toy :(,but I will get back to who ever reply to this thread as soon as I can.


30-05-08, 14:23
Does the External hard drive plug into your laptop via USB Connection ?

If that is the case you should be able to plug the Hard Drive in and it should show up in My Computer in the Other section

Locate your files e.g bookmarks that people have sent you, these will have a
file type name of "Internet Shortcut" you can place these in your favourites
folder on your laptop, which is on the C drive, or you can click on them, which
will open up Internet Explorer and then you can save it as a favourite ;)

I belive Itunes places a folder in the following location
My Documents-->My Music-->Itunes

Just copy your files from External Drive to this location.

Please correct me guys if I'm wrong ;)


Chrissy Confused
30-05-08, 16:43
Thanks Clare, but hubby nots having any of it and I have to wait for him :(

Heather Positive Thinker
03-06-08, 19:15
Im a computer thicko but I did it all ok when I got my new puter - he is just being territorial.