View Full Version : Anyone updated their AOL

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
09-05-08, 19:50
Had the update yesterday and can't say i'm impressed. It's lightening quick one second and freezing/disconnecting the next.

I have tried to reply to a thread on rootschat and keep getting booted off altogether.

Heaven knows if this will work or not.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
09-05-08, 19:52
Well that worked, just had to make 3 attempts at a reply though!!!!!!!

09-05-08, 20:23

a friend of mine updated his AOL and was off for 2 nights... wasnae a happy tattie... :(

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
09-05-08, 20:27
I can well imagine !! Had major probs logging on to start with, it just couldn't connect at all, then stuttered and threw me off several times, seems it has settled down now but for how long???

Fingers crossed i don't have to use the helpline, tis a nightmare to understand with the indian accents!!!!!

09-05-08, 22:36
So its not just me then! I updated about 2 months ago and instead of being faster its slowed down, and I'm constantly getting the boot! Think its a disgrace.......will seriously think of changing servers altogether when this contracts up.

09-05-08, 22:54
I keep getting a message to update, I don't think I'll bother. Will it make any difference if I don't update.


Tilly Mint
10-05-08, 07:47
I have this on my desktop and i had the same flash yesterday, is this an internet connection ??

I am with BT for my connection.

My computer crashed shortly after the flash and i could'nt get back on until this morning........if it is a internet connection - can i delete it of my desktop please ??

Can you tell i am not educated in computers ........................Lol :D

10-05-08, 09:03
The same thing keeps happening to me I do something go oon to a different site and it will say AOL not responding going alright at the moment but do not know for how long really fed up with it it happens day in day out and it keeps freezing. I used the help line the other week and the fellow was shouting so loud I could not understand a word he said also got live help and they sent me a 26 page email most of wich I could not understand

10-05-08, 09:32
*touches wood*

I have been with Supanet for nearly three years and have had no trouble at all..

10-05-08, 09:43
I've been with AOL for over 5 years, probably nearer 7, never had any problems until Carphone warehouse took over and changed the servers in March. It's only just got back to normal for me, although my speed drops considerably still some evening.

10-05-08, 12:22
Have been on AOL for about seven years and the first three years were fine but the last 4 years it has gone downhill to the point that I now give them about 2 on their questionaires! The last update was continually being booted out of all my usual Family history haunts and as for quicker access well I do not think that AOL know what quick means!! Think they have deteriorated quite considerably since Carphone wharehouse took over. If I could find a better server I would go but all my friends g have the same problems with other servers so....... If you do not update they pester you and then boot you out for not updating so do not know what the answer is. I have tried not updating and ended up being hounded, and then unable to log on when I desperately needed the computer.


Rosie Knees
10-05-08, 16:51
Since my AOL at work updated there are adverts all over the place, on the box that comes up when you click to sign off for instance. Quite irritating as it used to be quite advert-free.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
11-05-08, 09:59
My surfing speed has got slightly better but i have always had "AOL not responding" problems.

We upgraded the package a few months ago after we said we wanted to leave them (faster speed for £5 less per month!!!!). but the new modem won't fit the pooter so still running the old modem.

We only live about 200 yards from the exchange anyway so speed should never be a problem but the worst thing is any sites with video etc (eg youtube and suchlike) are like lightning but my family history sites, especially rootschat and ancestry are painfully slooooooow.

11-05-08, 10:15
I have to admit that we have never had a problem with the speed of our connection and it has been very stable as well.. I have a wireless router to which the main pc (this one) is connected via an ethernet cable and my son's pc taps in via a wireless adapter plus both sons have games consoles which again tap in via wireless adapters and we have no trouble with speed...

11-05-08, 14:52
I rarely use their browser now, I use Flock practically all the time, I can just go to aol.co.uk to access my e mails. My speed is now on average 5mb during the day, it does still sometimes drop at night.

I upgraded to wireless plus last November.

Be aware that if you aren't on wireless plus as I am you have a download limit of 10gb per month. there has been much discussion of all this on Digital Spy over the past couple of months. my package gives me a 40gb

16-05-08, 07:33
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