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Jilly McMad
07-05-08, 14:07
help please....would appreciate some advice...

every so often - with no warning - my pc just switches off!!!

i've done all the usual checks, virus checks, ad awares, spywares....and i've done the usual clean out of temp files and cookies etc....and defrag....

but every so often it still switches itself off when i'm in the middle of doing something!!

now the only thing i did kind of wonder about is this.......

the internal fan thing in the base unit thing ( i'm sooo techy) am i right in saying that you're supposed to hoover it occasionally or something???? I wondered if maybe the fan thingie was maybe over dusty and needed cleaning and that if it is possible that the dust or wotever is making it overheat which would cut it out and shut down??

or is that me having a mad moment??? lol

any help would be greatly appreciated

ta muchly xxx

07-05-08, 14:35
Jilly, when I read the beginning of your post, I was going to say "overheating - fan" so I bet that is it. But I have no idea how you're supposed to clean it...

Jilly McMad
07-05-08, 14:40
thanks Kite....

me thinks i'll have to pull the base unit out and take the side off and try and blow the dust from it!!!! not sure i trust meself with a hoover in it cos i'll probably end up sucking summat up the hoover from the inside of it!!! pmsl

Jilly McMad
07-05-08, 14:42
ooo an extra question to the above actually....

would that have anything to do with why my pc seems to run quite slow too???? I've put loads of pics and stuff onto disc to try and make it run a wee bit faster.... but sometimes it just seems to be sooooooooooo slow lol

07-05-08, 14:52
There are lots of different things that can make it go slow, Jilly. I don't know if the fan is one of them (but hopefully somebody does!) If you've deleted a lot of data files (photos, whatever) then you need to empty the recycle bin and run the disk defragmenter before it has an effect on the computer's performance. Is it only slow when you're doing stuff online, or offline too? Do you have a lot of programs running in the background? Then of course there is anti-virus software and the like which can slow things down...

07-05-08, 14:58
Dave says it could be one of four things.

1. Overheating - check and clean fans with hoover or compressed air.
2. Failing or Failed Fan - ditto above - replace if failed.
3. Power supply faulty - see specialist.
4. Other hardware fault - see specialist.

Usually number 1, considering time of year.

Re slowing down - not sure but, some processors will reduce their operating speed when too hot in an effort to cool down.

Jilly McMad
07-05-08, 15:22
cheers Kite and Wendy!!!

well it just clicked itself off there again so i thought to meself.....right!!!!!!!!!!!

so out come the hoover and the desk and the couch and boxes and god knows wot else!!!!!!

errrr well I couldny really see where the fan wiz cos it was soooooooooo dusty it was unbeleivable!!! pmsl

couldnt find a screwdriver to get the side off the unit but i got the hoover attachment onto the nozzle thingie and got my wee dustpan and brush thingie and gave it a right good going over and fingers crossed so far but it does seem to come online and everything quite a lot quicker¬!!!!

I am now totally covered in stoor tho!!! lolol ....

guess i'll be doing some dustbusting and furniture moving this weekend ...

will keep you posted if it clicks off again tho ...

thanks both of you and thanks to dave there in the background too!!!