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Chrissy Confused
26-04-08, 20:20
Can some one read what it says as I can't read it on Ancestry

1841 - England - Berkshire - Hungerford

Richard Hazel HO 107/21/6

Should be with

Ann 40y 1801
Esther 14y 1827
Ann 10y 1831
Jane 8y 1833
and Hannah 6y 1835


Northern Light
26-04-08, 20:38
Sorry Chrissy all I can make out I think is Richard Hazel age 15..ag lab I think..

Little Nell
26-04-08, 20:40
Richard is aged 15 as ap (assistant apprentice?)
in household headed by Thomas illegible (possibly Oakes) 45, blacksmith
Sarah ditto 29
Charles ditto 5
Wlliam ditto 2
Sarah ditto 2 weeks
and then
Elizabeth Church 13 FS
Jemima (?) Cox 7
Elizabeth Jebb or Tebb 45 FS
Edward Wessons 31 smiths j[ourneyman?]

Northern Light
26-04-08, 20:42
Chrissy try ... HO107; Piece 21; Book: 7; Civil Parish: Hungerford; County: Berkshire; Enumeration District: 10; Folio: 16; Page: 26; Line: 22; GSU roll: 241201. the next page, there there and its quite plain to read..

Ann Hazell 40
Ann Hazell 10
Esther Hazell 14
Jane Hazell 8
Hanna age 6, shes on the next page,,

Nell you have good eyesight lol..

Chrissy Confused
26-04-08, 20:43
Thank you, it not the right one then :(

Northern Light
26-04-08, 20:49
:confused: Well Chrissy there the same names and ages, a good coincidence then lol..

Its Church St..Hungerford..

Chrissy Confused
26-04-08, 20:55
Thanks Light got it:) Wonder what happen to Mr Hazell???

Northern Light
26-04-08, 21:18
Is he from Hungerford? I cant see him..when was he born?

Chrissy Confused
26-04-08, 21:34
I have him as being born in Greenham Berks abt 1824, got that from 1851 and 1861 census

He shows twice in the 1851 census one in Thatcham with wife and kids and the other in Reading Nick

Northern Light
26-04-08, 21:43
Cant find him yet Chrissy..

Chrissy Confused
26-04-08, 21:48
RG 9/7/9 for 1861

HO 107/1692 and HO 107/1685 for 1851

Will these help light

Northern Light
26-04-08, 21:58
Thanks Chrissy, still cant find one that fits on the 1841 though! mind I am a bit goggle eyed lol..

Chrissy Confused
26-04-08, 22:01
Not too worry Light, I can't find him on there either and the one I put at the beginning of this thread someone can up with on Roots but had him born in Hungerford and in 1826.

Will have to try and go to my mum for a few days and book in at the records office I think

Northern Light
26-04-08, 22:03
Good ides Chrissy, its a pain when they change there place of birth lol..Good luck I cant find him..