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26-04-08, 10:42
I'm a bit perturbed -

I've always been led to believe that the OPR's on Scotlandspeople were copies of the exact images in the parish records and therefore contained all the information available for the christenings or marriages.

Have just received a digest email of rootsweb messages where a lady was complaining at how little info she'd got from scotlandspeople compared to the what she got from an entry on a LDS OPR film!!!

So does anyone know if that's right??

Olde Crone Holden
26-04-08, 11:12

Well, an image is an image, isn't it, so I fail to see how the original could be any different!


26-04-08, 11:16
That's what I thought -

so wonder how she got extra info from the LDS film?!!!

I was panicing in case I now had to go and get all the films with all the time and money spent trawling through all the pages. My interpretation of writing isn't very good either!!!

Olde Crone Holden
26-04-08, 11:21
I wonder if she only got as far as the search results and didn't open the images?

I haven't actually viewed any OPR images on SP - do you get the full width of the page? In other words, do you get the far right hand column, where the minister writes comments sometimes?


26-04-08, 11:28
I have loads of OPR's and they vary in the amount of detail. You get the whole page as far as I can see.
Perhaps the person in question was looking at a submitted entry on the LDS site where extra detail has been added. Otherwise I completely agree - how could you get more detail than in a copy of the original record written in the parish book.
Very strange - it would be interesting to find out.


Olde Crone Holden
26-04-08, 11:54

I use filmed parish registers all the time, courtesy of the LDS, and I consider myself to be looking at the ORIGINAL document.

As Herky says, it would be interesting to find out what she means - a specific example would be good.


26-04-08, 12:06
I to use the OPR's from Scotland's People... In some of the ones I have seen it gives details as to how much was paid for a particular service...ie. marriage, burial or baptism.. Even gave details on one of how much widow's and some needy people were given as a hand out from the church..

26-04-08, 13:19
My guess is that she didn't look at the actual image on Scotland's People.

Uncle John
26-04-08, 13:51
Some of the OPRs are little more than the main names plus a record of the fee paid. Others contain a lot more info. Like any parish record, it all depends on the particular minister or session clerk.

Keptin Thedark
26-04-08, 22:47
In the days before the OPR's were available online you had to get the Microfilm from the Dome area of Edinburgh GRO. And all the films had been taken by the LDS.
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but banns were read out for three consecutive sundays, more inormation is sometimes gained from the last entry. But there is no way Edinburgh GRO has entered every page from every register or you would get three hits for each couple who married after banns (I think?)

27-04-08, 01:24
I was going to put a link onto the relevant messages at rootsweb so you could see what I mean - but they don't appear to be there now.

I get the Angus digest email which is where I read it.


BigShaz McCreadie
27-04-08, 02:20
Sadly it's the luck of the draw.

The info from OPR'S on Scotlands people it all there is. As has been said already, the image you view is actually the whole page which will include the one entry you are looking for.

Sometimes you get a good bit of information but more often you get very little.

The banns did have to go up 3 times but more often than not it was only the third proclamation that was recorded although on occasion all 3 proclamations were recorded.

27-04-08, 15:34
There's been a clarification - she hadn't downloaded the image just took the index details of all that was on scotlandspeople.

Phew!! I thought I'd have to be getting the LDS OPR films!!!!

I only wish they have OPR deaths - I haven't been able to kill off so many people and of course they weren't rich enough to have a gravestone!!!

Olde Crone Holden
27-04-08, 16:28

Good, glad that's been clarified - when all else fails, follow the instructions, eh???

Also, I don't know if you are aware, but the LDS have very often FILMED the burials, they just don't transcribe them, so you may yet have to get to the LDS centre and view a few films!


27-04-08, 23:33
My most difficult areas are Bute and Argyll where I don't think many burial records were kept unfortunately.

Once I have got to the end of my research that I can readily do then perhaps I'll be off to the LDS centres to view films - just wish my eyesight was a bit better though!!!

Saying that when do you get to the end of your research?!!!!

Uncle John
28-04-08, 16:12
I've drawn a blank with GGM and her siblings who were born in Airdrie in the 1820s-40s. The parents married in the CoS but appear to have had the weans baptised in a seceding church. Peeps have looked for them at the National Archives without success.

My late uncle trogged round graveyards on Bute looking for ancestors.