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vikki brace
25-04-08, 13:05
I think I know who this woman was, but could do wth alittle more info can anyone shed any light on the picture for me

rough date, age etc


Sorry about the lack of detail, its a scan of a photocopy

Just Barbara
26-04-08, 11:20
Vikki, you lady is a bit hard to date, as older ladies didn't move with the times when it came to fashions, also it's a photo of a photocopy so it's difficult to get hints from that. Could you perhaps get a better copy, or even find out what's on the back? The one thing I would say is I don't THINK she is before 1890, and probably before ww1. Sorry to not be much help.

vikki brace
26-04-08, 11:39
Sadly Barbara it is the only copy I can get, the owner is in NZ and has now passed away, so I have no idea what happened to all her photographs.

a cousin, managed to get a photocopy a few years ago, and scaned it for me.

Just Barbara
26-04-08, 17:38
Your rellies chair is very unusual, it almost looks like a campaign chair, ( going to war or out to look after the empire, our ancestors liked to take their home comforts with them, everything, and I mean everything was designed to fold up and store away to be produced at the right time.)

26-04-08, 19:25
My firsts thoughts at looking at this the other day were 1890's for what it's worth. I didn't post it though as by no means certain, just if I'm honest comparing it with photos of Queen Victoria, who looked much like that in the 1890's! However the black mourning dresses were of course worn by the queen from the 1860's onwards, and consequently many ladies did likewise on losing their husbands. I'd suspect if not 1890's it predates rather than postdates that, be very suprised if it was post Victorian.

Olde Crone Holden
26-04-08, 22:09
She appears to be wearing a widow's cap, and they had fallen out of favour by WW1, even with those who were sartorially behind the times!


vikki brace
27-04-08, 17:18
Thanks for your replies - if it is a widow's cap, then its not who I thought it was - Drat.

Off to check my Haines women again

Thanks again for taking the time to reply:)

27-04-08, 19:32
late 1800,s victorian,yes she seems to be in mourning they used to wear a black ring shame we cant see her hands brenda xxx