View Full Version : can you read this occupation? .. sorry to be a pain

Margaret in Burton
24-04-08, 14:12
William S Birch in 1891

RG12; Piece: 4257; Folio 93; Page 52

he is dead by 1901 so can't compare. It doesn't look like coal miner to me, like some of the others on the page.

24-04-08, 14:18

24-04-08, 14:19
It looks like cartman to me.

(= horse-drawn cart driver, according to Old Occupations - C (http://rmhh.co.uk/occup/c.html))

24-04-08, 14:24
Yes l now think it is cart ...... In 1881 he was a groom (Horses)

24-04-08, 14:25
Cartman. There's one on the previous page in slightly clearer handwriting.

Margaret in Burton
24-04-08, 14:27
Thank you all

I did think it was cart.. something but couldn't make it out.

Just trying to find his marriage now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr