View Full Version : Cause of death

Suze B
22-04-08, 20:30
Does anyone have better eyes than me? I have no clue what this could be!


Helen Smith Too
22-04-08, 20:37
Any chance of seeing more of the certificate to compare letters?

22-04-08, 20:39
Looks like Erysepelas. Try Googling that word.

Suze B
22-04-08, 20:47
Here's the link to it on my Ancestry tree, although I don't know if anyone can see it?


I googled that word and it seems to be a skin disease - nasty!

Helen Smith Too
22-04-08, 20:48
That's what I was thinking - spelt Eresipelas

Suze B
22-04-08, 21:30
Thanks for your help :)

22-04-08, 23:15
I tried googling various spellings of Stella's and Helen's suggestions and found this: Erysipelas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erysipelas)

Little Nell
22-04-08, 23:19
I'm sure that's erysipelas, which is what my gt x 2 grandfather died of.