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vikki brace
22-04-08, 19:09
Can anyone check the 1881 census for me please - RG11; Piece: 1413; Folio: 69; Page: 6

Female child 3 months of John E Titchmarsh, she is transcribed as N Titchmarsh, but could it be a V?

The eldest child is H V Titchmarsh for Horace Victor Titchmarsh


Little Nell
22-04-08, 19:16
My guess is that it is N. I think if it were a V it wouldn't have such a long first stroke.

Muggins in Sussex
22-04-08, 19:24
Not sure, but it does look rather similar to half of the letter W which appears further up the page in the name Walter, and not very like the other N which apppears on the bottom line (I think!)

vikki brace
22-04-08, 19:27
Thanks for looking, do you think it looks like the second initial of her older brother?

Muggins in Sussex
22-04-08, 19:40
Sorry , I missed that before ...yes it does!

vikki brace
22-04-08, 20:17
Thanks, that makes her Victoria Adelaide Titchmarsh - Yay:)

Uncle John
22-04-08, 21:08
Thanks, that makes her Victoria Adelaide Titchmarsh - Yay:)

Did she grow up to be a tax inspector? :D:D

vikki brace
22-04-08, 21:27