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20-04-08, 16:00
That is the question I have a the moment a free trial subscription to ancestry.co.uk due to buy FTM when the time is up do I continue or not £79 seems an awful lot of money please advise.


Christine in Herts
20-04-08, 16:25
£79.95 (£80) covers the whole year - so it's £6.50 / month, roughly.
It's very easy to spend £6.50 on a pay-as-you-go site in no time at all.
There is a lot of material on Ancestry, and they'll be getting more.
Its coverage of Scotland is less good (not much in the way of images which tend to be on ScotlandsPeople).
There are other sites with lots of material, and different transcriptions - such as FindMyPast (which offers both PaYG and varied subscription-levels).

It is rumoured that, if you show signs of not taking up their full-price subscription, they offer a discount. I'm sure someone has the UK contact phone-number.

I find it hard to imagine that I'd have got anything like as far with my tree research without Ancestry there in the background - especially for censuses and BMD records/images, but also BT phonebooks, and military records.


Little Nell
20-04-08, 16:31
I couldn't exist without Ancestry. I must use it nearly every day. It's got all the censuses, bmd indexes, lots of other gems like Pallot's baptism & marriage indexes, world war 1 records, telephone directories etc.

How many records offices could you visit for £79? Or, would buying 10 certs help your research forward more than a sub?

20-04-08, 16:38
Thank you all so much for your advice when you put it like that I suppose it is good value.


Heather Positive Thinker
20-04-08, 16:46
Milly, there are various ways of making it cheaper. First of all, dont sub at the moment - they may well send you an email saying you can sub at a discount.

Log out of the ancestry site and then go there again, go through the rigamarole to sign up to a sub then before you click to pay go backwards - I think they used to flash up a message, saying dont go, have 20% discount (try anyway)

If they dont, you cant always register with quidco.com (a cash back co-operative site that lots of us belong to). I believe if you go through the quidco link to ancestry they give you 15% cashback at the mo. Join quidco anyway, you get so much cashback from them that you would probably save the amount of the sub in less than a year :)

But even if you didnt get a discount, the amount of info and the 24/7 usage is still a real bargain I reckon.

20-04-08, 17:01
Thank you so much Heather for your advice you all seem so knowlegeable about these things as you will guess I am a novice to all this but find it so enjoyable finding out about your past someone told me if you phone ancestry they will offer you a discount but cannot find a number.

Once again thank you


20-04-08, 17:09
I recently renewed for £63.75 or thereabouts which was more than the £55.33 I paid last year but wasn't as much as they wanted £79.95.

It's worth haggling - sometimes they won't - so then don't subscribe until they give you a better offer.

Heather Positive Thinker
20-04-08, 17:15
Well Milly, I think several of us screwed a discount out of them over the phone in the past, but you have to be pretty hard nosed to do it :) Also they changed ownership earlier this year, so not sure how tough they are now. I think we got it for about £55 when we phoned and haggled.

I think youd have to have a bit of leverage as in being an old subscriber to really haggle the discount as you can say how long you have been a member and all that stuff - as a brand new subscriber Id be more inclined to go for the old fill in the sub form and then exit from it to see if that message still comes up with the 20% discount offer. Oh and have a google cos now and then they have various discounts going on.

Oh and we were all newbies once - give it 6 months or a year and you will know what we are all on about :) Just ask if you dont

20-04-08, 17:16
I seem such a meanie don't I its just that I am at work all week and try and fit this exciting new hobby in at weekends between seeing to the families needs (sound pathetic) so will not be using it a great deal that is why I was asking for advice.

Thank you all

Christine in Herts
20-04-08, 17:47
I seem such a meanie don't I its just that I am at work all week and try and fit this exciting new hobby in at weekends between seeing to the families needs (sound pathetic) so will not be using it a great deal that is why I was asking for advice.

Thank you all


You'll find us a sympathetic lot... just read some of the witty footers, and you'll get a clue as to how good (i.e. not) we are at balancing household chores (will that expression get vetoed on here?! ;) ) with this all-absorbing hobby!


Olde Crone Holden
20-04-08, 18:09

I am one of the hard-nosed ones Heather is referring to - I phoned them and haggled them down to either £53 or £54, can't remember now.

I have a feeling that they are like Insurance companies - they have a daily quota of sales to make, and if you phone latish in the day and they haven't sold m,any subs, you will get a reduction.

When I had the free month, I thrashed the **** out of it, day and night, then phoned and cancelled and sat back for a fortnight. They didn't contact me, so I contacted them!

Even with all its wibbles and faults and exasperations, it is still extremely good value for money.


20-04-08, 18:14
Thanks for the advice where on their website do I find a number to call them?

Little Nell
20-04-08, 18:20
"Great Britain & Northern Ireland 0800 404 9723
(toll free) Monday - Friday : 9:00 am - 7:00 pm GMT
Saturday : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm GMT
Sunday : Closed "

At the bottom of the home page is a tag "contact us" click on that, then there's some FAQs, I chose the one about cancelling a sub and clicked to open a window here.

20-04-08, 18:26
Thank you Little Nell for being so kind. This is a wonderful Forum will certainly be using all the time such a lot of helpful people on here which is a Godsend to a novice will let you all know how I get on.

Once again thank you


Little Nell
20-04-08, 18:35

We were all novices once!
When I started, I had no idea I could do Control + F to find someone easily in a long list, I spent hours scrolling down.

I've also managed to unwind microfilm off a spool all over the floor in a records office.

I've bought the wrong certs through not thinking - got the wrong one for my grandmother because I sent for an Eliza Annie instead of an Annie Eliza.

I could go on, so don't worry about being a newbie. If we can help we will. Before you know it you will be advising others!

Heather Positive Thinker
20-04-08, 22:47
O.C. I think you were the Queen of haggling. I got it down to £55 but you managed to beat me by £1.75 or something! Mind you, that was down to you threatening to read the girl your family tree back to Adam and Eve.

Olde Crone Holden
20-04-08, 22:56

She diddled me out of a pound, I remember now - we agreed £53.97 but they billed me for £54.97!!

I sha'n't forget that, for next time.


A lot depends on how far on you are with your research - if you are still in the recent past then you might as well spend your money on certs and consider an Ancestry sub when you really know you need it.

I managed without Ancestry for years - but it meant a lot of faffing around in the library, looking at the GRO indexes, and whatever census I could lay my hands on by other means. The luxury of sitting at your own pc and having it all in one place is well worth the money for me.


Heather Positive Thinker
20-04-08, 23:04
O.C. dont forget quidco covers a lot of air flights aswell! Ive put a couple of links on your flouncing about thread on general.

21-04-08, 10:14
This is an interesting topic, I have just subscribed to FMP which I am sure cost me more than £55,

I am also an active Quidco user would there be any benefit to also joining Ancestry? or do you think I should wait for FMP sub to end?

Heather Positive Thinker
21-04-08, 13:23
I dont know what is on Find my Past now? Have a look at ancestry.co.uk - you can see what they have to offer - there are no units to buy - you pay a sub, you use it 24/7 as much or as little as you want, no extra to pay out.

Includes all census 1901-1841, complete bmd index, WW1 pension records, Pallots marriages and births, court, parish records, family trees for millions of people ......................well have a look :)

Why dont you just sign up for the 14 days free trial and see what you think.

28-04-08, 18:51
Last week I asked about Ancestry subscriptions I took all the suggestions on board phoned them and guess what no deal I have to pay the full price the only thing she said was to what my emails and I might be offered a discount at a later date so I will wait and see what transpires.

thanks anyway

Mavis by the Moor
28-04-08, 20:48
I started off thinking I couldn't afford Ancestry and buying pay per view credits, soon realised how frustrating it was not looking at everything that looked interesting, sticking to just those that I thought were mine and still using up the credits unbelievably fast, so gave myself a present of a sub.

28-04-08, 20:57
Dont know how anyone can do their tree without Ancestry.

Heather Positive Thinker
29-04-08, 00:07
Well Milly, have you taken the 14 day trial? You can always buy your sub through quidco and get 15% cash back.

29-04-08, 06:15
Ancestry is very good value and a brilliant source of information. Whether you take out an annual sub depends really on whether you can afford it. I'm on a low income so I usually have a months sub (Abt £10) over Christmas/NewYear and another month in July. During that time I work like mad at saving as many images as possible and then spend the six months in between sorting it out and deciding what I need to look up next. As a months sub is such a small amount quite often a member of my family will give me the 10 quid as they are all interested in my research.

Last Christmas I saved all the census pages for the village where my grandmother grew up because I'd like to try a village study. I haven't got through 1871 yet!

Velma Dinkley
29-04-08, 10:54
My membership is up for renewal and I got an email to say that the credit card details they had was now expired.

Last year I got 20% discount as I didn't renewal straight away and they sent me an email offering me the lower price.


I've just rang them saying how much I wanted to renewal but was reluctant to pay the full price and asked for a 20% discount and....

They gave it to me!! Although she said that I probably won't get it next year if I tried.

£63.96 - what a result :) :) :) :)

29-04-08, 18:20
I have just renewed this afternoon for £58.75 instead of £69.75. I told them our wonderful prime minister has just doubled the low earners tax rate. She said 'How awful I thought they looked after the poor' . Then came back with £58.75.

Mary from Italy
29-04-08, 22:10
When my subscription expires in May I'm going to take out the Australian Heritage subscription, which includes all the UK databases plus the Australian ones (electoral rolls and Sands Directory, mainly).

They've quoted me $149.95 (£71).