View Full Version : found the elusive James Robins again!

Little Nell
20-04-08, 12:26
thanks to the Old Bailey Proceedings!

James is the chap who isn't on any census, though I have found him in his children's baptisms and in Sun Fire Insurance papers.

Just discovered him in the Old Bailey Proceedings 1845 giving evidence in his son's trial for theft. (His son his husband's gt gt grandfather and I thought I found him in 1871 in Parkhurst, though couldn't find Parkhurst registers to confirm it is him.

In this instance he was found not guilty.


Little Nell
20-04-08, 12:32

Another witness was William's father-in-law, Joseph Dennison, so I have both my husband's gt gt gt grandparents giving evidence!!!

If I was a dog I'd need 3 tails to wag in my excitement!

Little Nell
20-04-08, 12:39
Bearing in mind the difficulty I have had in tracing James, I was amused that in evidence he said
(about his son, who had the same occupation as him)
"anybody could have found him - of all people in the world, paper-stainers are the most sure to be known - it is the most ready way to find the master, to speak to one of the boys in the street"!

Christine in Herts
20-04-08, 13:56
Well done, Nell!

That's so pleasing - to find all that material.


Little Nell
20-04-08, 14:01
Yes, there's a special thrill in reading the actual words they spoke, it gives you a new angle on them.