View Full Version : Windows updates ?

19-04-08, 22:02
Anyone else had an update every day this week.?

Or is my machine just not loading them? Please.

Christine in Portugal
19-04-08, 23:12
I've not had that, if you go to

www.update.microsoft.com (http://www.update.microsoft.com)

You can view your update history which will show if it's the same one each day failing to install or if you have had one installed each day.


Heather Positive Thinker
19-04-08, 23:19
I had a HUGE update in the week, in the end I left it and came back later as it was going on and on. It was the VISTA service pack.

Christine in Portugal
19-04-08, 23:41
I had 7 on the 9th and 1 on the 11th, nothing since, that is for XP. Think I read somewhere that Vista had a large one recently.

20-04-08, 12:38
Apart from Windows Defender, which has regular updates, nothing for XP
Have you had a look in your update history?

Margaret N
20-04-08, 17:36
See my message about the 14th Windows Updates - total of 13 messages. I have switched my updates off and wait for them to ask me first.

20-04-08, 21:04
Thankyou all. Sorry so long getting here but was having problems connecting back on line after getting to the bottom of update.

Did as suggested above it was the same update twice a day for the last 5 days so for some reason it obviously wasn't installing as it should on shutdown. Anyway did it manually from the update bit and all seems OK now. Have no idea why I had so much trouble getting back on site though.

Thanks again.