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Bo the Bodger
18-04-08, 08:14
I have just embarked on my maternal grandmother's family which although at first light looked very daunting - she had 18 uncles and aunts - I am extremely reliably informed by my mother that my grandmother only had one cousin and she had no children! So that's that generation done! Whisk backs to 2xG grandfather's siblings. It appears that this family like the 'odd' middle name so I'm having some fun there.

However brother Septimus seems to have diasppeared probably to Oz as on family history online he comes up as an insolvent in Geelong in 1863 and 1864. (In my naivety I'm making the assumption (bad word!) that there were not lots of Septimus Moxons around!)

I've tried looking on the Victoria site but it keeps crashing on me so I have no idea when he and his wife Emma went over or whether they had children.

Septimus Moxon was born in Hull in 1824 and married Emma Gould in St Mary le Strand Westminster on 28/7/1851.

If anybody could give me a push in the right direction as to where else I look for Australian info I'd be grateful. I get lost in the wiki! :confused: (Bear of meagre brain me!)

Many thanks

Harrys mum
18-04-08, 09:06
I've found Septimus Moxon married 1869. His wife was Mary Tresa Cremen (not sure if the second name should be Teresa). A bit odd because there are two registrations but same year and spouse.
Also odd is the place of marriage is Sydney but state of registration is Victoria. There could be a Sydney in Vic, just haven't heard of it.

Septimus died in 1887 in NSW. His parents were Benjamin and Ann.

Yell if you want more.

18-04-08, 09:13
Bo, this link will take you to the Wiki Australia page.

Just keep scrolling down that page and you will see all the links for the country as a whole and then the ones for each state.

18-04-08, 09:14
By the way, doesn't "sum" mean "I am"? It's a long time since I did Latin O'level, but I think your thread title means "Where am I Septimus Moxon"!

Harrys mum
18-04-08, 09:16
Septimus (age 28)and Emma(24) went to Vic in 1853 with one year old Emma.

Can't find a death for Emma at the mo, but found a birth and death for baby Mary in 1880. Mother was above mentioned Mary. Little one died aged 1 day.
Can't find any other children fro either Emma or Mary.

Harrys mum
18-04-08, 09:17
Baby Emma may have been a twin. Found one year old Kate with them on ship.

Harrys mum
18-04-08, 09:23
Think I've found it.

There's a death for a Emma Moxon age 8 miths (could be the one age 1 on the ship). Not sure how ages were rounded. Death is in 1853 Collingwood, Vic. No parents given.
Also death for Kate age 2 years 1853 in Collingwood. No parents.
Also death for Emma age 29 in Vic 1857. Her birthplace given as Hull, parents Thomas Foulden and Barbara.

Bo the Bodger
18-04-08, 10:29
Harry's Mum - thank you so much for the info - it all fits so sad about the children and his first wife Emma. Can you see which ship they arrived in Oz on?

Kiterunner - I never did latin but my daughter told me that it translated as "Where be Septimus Moxon" which is her opinion :cool: is better than "where is" which she told me is Quo est?? In future I'll stick to English! :) :o

Got to go off line again but back later.

Harrys mum
18-04-08, 10:55
Bo....ship was "Sea Nymph" They paid their own way.
Just found they had a three year old Alfred with them when they arrived. Can't find him in Vic, NSW,Tas, WA.

There is Kerri who would look in SA for you.

Harrys mum
18-04-08, 10:57
Nothing in Qld either.

I wonder if he went back to England??

Bo the Bodger
18-04-08, 12:13
Thanks Harry's Mum - I'll look on our side of the world for Alfred. I couldn't see any children being born in England - which they must've been if they were on the ship. Thank you very much for all your help - next time I find an ancestor in Oz I'll try to figure it through myself.

If you need anything from over here - just give me a shout and I'll try my best for you.

Harrys mum
18-04-08, 12:17
Bo...it's no problem. I have the AVRI so it just means a lookup. I've has so much help from "over there" it's nice to be able to do something.