View Full Version : MD to labourer?

16-04-08, 20:20
I've got John Overton 1841as surgeon app,1851 Dr of medicine of the Edinbrough University in general practice. 1861 MD. 1871 surgeon. 1874 MD on sons birth cert, then in 1880 goes to America and is down on the Pass list as labourer, travelling with Elizabeth (wife, right name) and Francis John (right name for son) so how come the drastic change of occupation.?Elizabeth Overton(widow) and Francis are on the U.S Census with her bro, so pretty sure it is right person. any ideas please

Little Nell
16-04-08, 20:31
Maybe - shock horror - he was struck off. It seems he lost his job before going to America - maybe he was escaping a scandal.
Alternatively, it might be that he was just misrecorded on the passenger list.

16-04-08, 20:33
ohhh, yummy a bit of scandal... would you have any ideas where I would be able to find out

Harrys mum
16-04-08, 20:43
Jan.............I have one as well, not a direct line, and I think I know why he left, but I can't find any records.

I'm still searching so if I find anything I'll let you know. Mine was the same time.

16-04-08, 21:00
that would be good Harry's mum, thanks

Sue at the seaside
17-04-08, 11:37
Perhaps he just wanted a quiet passage. If it were known that he was a Doc, all and sundry could be knocking at his door.

I know that is a bit simplistic, but in the war - as a POW (I know that's a different matter all together) my Dad said he was a labourer and not a printer as he didn't want to be forced into printing propogander for his captors.