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16-04-08, 17:25
How common was Honora as a christian name in Ireland in the period 1800 - 1860?

I am hoping it is fairly (I almost said relatively) uncommon because if that is the case then it may help me track some Irish ancestors.


Little Nell
16-04-08, 17:34
My guess is that it was fairly rare, but I don't know. Can't do a search with just first name and Ireland on familysearch, Ancestry has 4,372 Honora +Ireland in their census records and 360 in their Irish records extradition database.

16-04-08, 18:00
I think it is a variation of Honor, isn't it, so you would need to check that version too.

Olde Crone Holden
16-04-08, 18:05
I would think it is a fairly common name in Ireland.


Merry Monty Montgomery
16-04-08, 18:57
I did a quick survey of the England 1861 census.

About 18 million people altogether

About 0.5 million people born in Ireland

So one person in every 40 (very roughly) was born in Ireland.

5,000 Honor* matches

So the Irish proportion should be well under 200 people, but it's 1,800, so the name was about 10 times more popular in Ireland than in England!!

Sorry :)

BigShaz McCreadie
16-04-08, 18:58
I have an Irish friend born in 1950's with this surname so out of curiosity I checked the IGI for people with her name (first and surname) in Ireland and it threw up 498 for the period you mentioned :eek:

I then decided to check with another couple of Irish surnames. I only checked Ireland but came to the conclusion that Honora was definitely a popular name.

Olde Crone Holden
16-04-08, 19:29
Saint Honore is the patron saint of bakers, lol!


Little Nell
16-04-08, 20:05
Googling shows that Nora, a popular name in Ireland, is often a short version of Honora.

But of course none of this will help you in finding your person!

16-04-08, 20:42

Sorry to have to tell you that Honora was a very common name in Ireland. I have a few in my Irish Tree and I have come across many Honora in my researches in Ireland. Nora can indeed be short for Honora as has been suggested.

However give us a clue as to dates and counties you are interested in for Ireland to see if anyone can help you.


Harrys mum
16-04-08, 20:49
Very common.................

My Irish tree has Margaret, Deborah, Honora,Johanna and Mary. About 200 people and they are the only girls' names.

Remember Norah and Nora are variations. Also a lot of Irish records are written in Latin.
So you may find Honora/Honoria in the baptism records but only Norah/Nora after that.

It took me ages to find my Patricia. It was written as Patricius. Turned out to be the Latin of Patrick!!