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15-04-08, 18:35
Have you ever heard of someone called Nellie having the name Ellen instead ? someone told me that,and I dont know.A nick name ?

Little Nell
15-04-08, 18:43
Yes, Nell is a popular pet name for Ellen, Helen, Eleanor etc.

15-04-08, 18:43
Nell is short for Helen, so Nellie for Ellen sounds possible to me, Patti.

15-04-08, 18:44
Snap! I was just wondering where you were when you were needed, Nell :D

15-04-08, 18:45
Oh dear,I have such a job ahead now with all these possibilites,ho hum,thanks folks

15-04-08, 19:11
My Grandmother was Mary Ellen, but she was known as Nell.

Christine in Herts
15-04-08, 20:03
I think that there are a few pet/nick-names created by inverting the name, or re-ordering it.

Ellen / Eleanor / Helen = Nellie (but that can also be an abbreviation of Petronella, as I recall, suddenly!)

Nan = Ann