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Cheshire Cat
11-04-08, 23:21
Cloggie has kindly restored a photo for me on the Restoration thread.
I would value an opinion please as to when it was taken. I'm guessing it is the late 1890's/early 1900's as I think it is a photo of my Gt.Uncle George BEST and his first child was born 1895.

Just Barbara
14-04-08, 17:04
Hi Joy, I've had a look and I would agree with you.....:)

Cheshire Cat
14-04-08, 23:29
Thank you Barbara I value your opinion.

I sent this photo to a contact on GR and he seems to think it's a bit later.
He thinks that informal photos of this sort were uncommon until the 1920's.

I just wish people would have put names and dates on the back of their photos then we wouldn't have all this trouble. :o

Just Barbara
15-04-08, 11:01
Joy, the peoples clothes do not date from the 1920s........;)

15-04-08, 11:54
Sorry but I would concur with Barbara on this and disagree totally with your contact on GR. Everthing about it says to me 189o's to 1900's (no later than 1909). In this photograph you have composition, dress, pose, and mode of subjects, etc even down to a cottage garden with hollyhocks in the back garden. Admittedly the man's clothing could (at a push) still be found in the photograph's dating from the early twenties but the way that the women are turned out is from the 1890's turn of the century period. After the 1st ww women's styles dramactically changed, gone was the stiffness and formallity of wearing long skirts down to their ankles and hair in buns or plaited coils fixed to the body of the hair with pins, but a free and loose style came into clothing.


Cheshire Cat
15-04-08, 16:32
Hi Barbara and Don

Thank you very much for confirmation of what I really hoped it would be in the first place. :)