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Harrys mum
07-04-08, 21:57
I'm helping a cousin with her tree. It's a sad story, but I'm trying to be as quick as possible.

I've never done Dorset before and have no idea where to start.

Where would I find the PRs for the East Lulworth/ Wareham area? Looking for births about 1803 and 1806 and marriage about 1825ish.

Dosen't seem to be anything on Family Search and can't see obvious link on WIKI.


Merry Monty Montgomery
07-04-08, 22:07
Have you tried the online parish clerk site?

Dorset Online Parish Clerk Project (http://www.opcdorset.com/)

It doesn't have everything though!

Harrys mum
07-04-08, 22:08
Thanks Merry..............off there now.

Durham Lady
07-04-08, 22:09
Libby, I'm not familiar with Dorset but have you tried Genuki? You can go to each county but some do have a lot more than others.

GENUKI: England (http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/)

Merry Monty Montgomery
07-04-08, 22:10
Good for the parishes you mentioned though.

Anything I can help with, just shout!! I have a billion Dorset rellies! lol (though I only live here by accident!)

Harrys mum
07-04-08, 22:29
Thanks.... I've found his marriage and wife's birth but no sign of him yet.

I'm looking for Peter Presslee (various spellings). Apparently born about 1803 East Lulworth.

He married Sarah Dominy in 1825 in Wareham. Sarah was born 1799 in Wareham (census has 1806). The marriage record has Peter as being from East Lulworth.

I've tried West Lulworth, not sure where else. But I'm good at trawling.

Harrys mum
07-04-08, 22:31
Blow................my email to Dorset OPC has bounced back. Back to drawing board...

Merry Monty Montgomery
07-04-08, 22:42
Parishes within 5 miles of East Lulworth:

Chaldon Herring P DOR ENG SY7983 4.4 West
Church Knowle P DOR ENG SY9381 4.4 East
Coomb Keynes P DOR ENG SY8484 1.8 North West
East Lulworth P DOR ENG SY8682 0.0
East Stoke P DOR ENG SY8786 2.6 North by North East
Holme East P DOR ENG SY8986 3.1 North East
Kimmeridge P DOR ENG SY9179 3.6 East by South East
Steeple P DOR ENG SY9181 3.2 East by South East
Tyneham P DOR ENG SY8880 1.8 South East
Wareham P DOR ENG SY9287 4.9 North East
Wareham,Holy Trinity P DOR ENG SY9287 4.9 North East
Wareham,Lady St Mary P DOR ENG SY9287 4.9 North East
Wareham,St Martin P DOR ENG SY9287 4.9 North East
West Lulworth P DOR ENG SY8280 2.8 West by South West
Winfrith Newburgh P DOR ENG SY8084 3.9 West by North West
Wool P DOR ENG SY8486 2.8 North by North West

Harrys mum
07-04-08, 22:58
Thanks................makes a change from Agatha!!!!LOL

Len of the Chilterns
07-04-08, 22:59
Try the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society: Home Page (http://www.sdfhs.org/)

I used to be a member and they were very helpful - as are most folk into genealogy.

Harrys mum
08-04-08, 00:20
Thanks Len................off there now.

Muggins in Sussex
08-04-08, 06:38
Hi Libby

This is another useful site -

Weymouth, Dorset, England - History & Heritage of Weymouth, Dorset & Area (http://www.weymouth-dorset.co.uk/index.html)

(the site covers a much larger area than just Wemouth, including East and West Lulworth)

Elaine ..Spain
08-04-08, 07:32
Libby - do you have access to Ancestry?
There is a Personal Member Tree containing a Peter Presslee b 1803 East Lulworth - might be worth making contact.
Also an Ancestry World Tree for Peter Presslee/Sarah Presslee - only showing descendants - again showing year of birth as 1803.

The BIVRI shows a christening of a Peter Pressley on 20 March 1803 - recorded in Wool, Dorset. Parents Joseph Pressley and Ann
Source: FHL Film 1239261
The same entry can be seen in Wool baptisms on the Dorset OPC site.
Wool is probably about 3-4 miles from East Lulworth.

Harrys mum
08-04-08, 08:18
Thank you Joan and Elaine................will check those tonight. I do have Ancestry, thanks.

I don't have BIVRI but that sounds promising. Maybe Peter moved as a little tyke and thought he was born in East Lulworth.

08-04-08, 08:34
Try the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society: Home Page (http://www.sdfhs.org/)

I used to be a member and they were very helpful - as are most folk into genealogy.

I'll second that, not a member myself but chatted to a couple of the ladies at the Devon FH fair the other week, really nice & helpful.:)

Elaine ..Spain
08-04-08, 11:45
Try the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society: Home Page (http://www.sdfhs.org/)

I see on their Members' Interest Page there is someone researching
Presley 18C-19C West Lulworth DOR

Another that might be worth contacting.

08-04-08, 12:17
I have Dominys in my family:)

I can't remember whether any close branches strayed out to Wareham. They are mainly in the Iwerne area (pronounced and sometimes spelt Ewerne) and very often nonconformist, so there are gaps in the records :(

Harrys mum
08-04-08, 12:17
Yep saw that Elaine................also have Dominey (wife's maiden name). Not doing too badly actually, considering I only started last night.

Thanks to everyone here. I didn't even know what end of the country Dorset was. LOL.

Wish mine were as easy.

Merry Monty Montgomery
08-04-08, 14:44
I didn't even know what end of the country Dorset was. LOL.


*searches the atlas for somewhere called Australia* :)

08-04-08, 18:11
You could also try this site I only found it today so I don't know how good it is although it does have some of my family on it.

Dorset Parish Registers (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~engdorse/PRBT.html)


09-04-08, 22:06
Found loads of my Ancestors in the transcriptions for East Lulworth on the Dorset OPC website...back to 1750's.

Harrys mum
09-04-08, 22:08
Great, isn't it.

Len of the Chilterns
09-04-08, 23:35
If anyone is researching in a county, it's a good idea to join the local FHS The annual sub. is usually only about £10 and well worth it for the wealth of local knowledge available and all societies to which I have subscribed issue a magazine.

Anyone one wants back-copies of the journals of Somerset and Avon, Herefordshire or the Soul/Sowle/Sewel FH Societies before I have to send them for salvage?

Harrys mum
10-04-08, 00:32
Have to agree, Len. I belong to about five groups here, they are a bit more expensive here though, about $35 a year, closer to 15 pounds.