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06-04-08, 20:24
Hi could anyone help me please i can't find my George Jessop after 1871
1871 reference is RG10/3334/18/4
He was born 1862 Sutterton, Lincolnshire.
I have looked at all the census and deaths but can't spot him.

thankyou in advance.

06-04-08, 20:42
Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 3213; Folio: 49; Page: 13; Line: ; GSU roll: 1341766.??

Val wish Id never started
06-04-08, 20:49
could it be Long Sutton and not Sutterton

06-04-08, 20:58
It should be Sutterton as that is where all of this family come from but i believe Long Sutton isn't that far away.

thankyou Jess.

06-04-08, 21:03
Could he have died and another been named after him? everything else seems to tally except his age. ( and in 1891 he's only increased by 10 years)

07-04-08, 06:08
Here he is

1881 RG11; Piece: 3306; Folio: 96; Page: 5 George Jessop Sutterton 1862 he is in Worksop Nottinghamshire
1891 RG12; Piece: 2341; Folio 49; Page 3; age on original is 29 Gardener in Worcestershire
Could be this one he is also a gardener says he was born Algarkirk,Lincolnshire(Have no idea if that is close to Sutterton) and the wife is from Worcestershire where he was in 1891
1901 RG13; Piece: 1166; Folio: 10; Page: 12.
Marriages Dec 1893
Jessop George Winchcomb 6a 795
Riddell Margaret Tait Winchcomb 6a 795

Uncle John
07-04-08, 11:32
I wonder what took them to Gloucestershire. My lot were paper-makers.

07-04-08, 13:05
Thankyou Sue. Agakrk is not far from Sutterton so could be that one.
I wonder as well why he went to Gloucestershire as all the other famiy stayed locally.
I'm not sure if there is another one Jess i haven't really looked at this part of the family before.
Thankyou for looking for me.

07-04-08, 13:14
My pleasure Jen he was a gardener on all 3 census's