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Sheila from Down Under
04-04-08, 23:13
Hello again, After my last thread on Blackmore/Blackman, I bought a months subscription to find out more on the Cooper connection,Pricella Blackmore nee Cooper seems to be the bride of my Edward/Ewin(Waiting on the GRO marriage Certificate )---BUT, going on the Wiltshire Census for 1841 John Cooper age 45 Occupation Carrier with 3 children , again, Wiltshire census of 1851 John Cooper Carrier age 66, ( he still has 3 of this children with him ) then on the Wiltshire 1861 census John age 76 Formerly Carrier still with the same 3 children . I can't find his death or his marriage ,John has aged 20 years in the 10 year census gap, I did Google Tidworth/Tedworth but that only made matters worst HELP!!!!!!!!! please :( :o
Sheila 9453

Merry Monty Montgomery
04-04-08, 23:20
Erm, I don't know what this is about (!) but one of these two is probaby his death:

Deaths Jun 1863
COOPER John Andover 2c 129

Deaths Mar 1867
Cooper John aged 81 Andover 2c 135

North Tidworth is in Andover District.

04-04-08, 23:21
Sheila, can you give us some more information please, so we can try to look for his marriage? Is his wife with him on any of the censuses, and if so, what is her name? What are the names of the children and when and where were they born?

As for his death, it could be very difficult to find it, especially if he died before they started putting age at death on the death index, because there are so many John Coopers. (But it looks as if Merry has narrowed it down to two, lol!)

Merry Monty Montgomery
04-04-08, 23:28
Kite, his wife seems to be Elizabeth from the 1841 census. She is listed as only 30 though, so maybe that's why he hacked off a few years?! There doesn't seem to be any birth registrations for their younger children (William aged 2, Priscilla aged 4, from memory)

Merry Monty Montgomery
04-04-08, 23:32
I suppose if John was older, Elizabeth might be a dau rather than a wife? Having said that, he does have more children after 1841 (says married but no wife there in 1851.....widower in 1861) so hopefully she is his spouse :eek:. Must be a second marriage though as he has several older children on the 1851.

Sheila from Down Under
05-04-08, 01:33
Merry, it all refers to my thread ( on page 2) Edward/Edwin Blackmore in which Richard is the leading light.

Merry Monty Montgomery
05-04-08, 12:14
There's a submitted marriage on the IGI for John Cooper to Elizabeth Rolles 23rd Oct 1815 at North Tidworth. If he was married twice this might be the first wife. Obviously the PR's would need checking.

Sheila from Down Under
05-04-08, 13:14
Thanks Merry

Little Nell
05-04-08, 20:39
1841 census ages are always a bit suspect. I have many that are exactly right, some that have been changed a bit (they were supposed to be rounded down to the nearest 5 for adults) and in my husband's family I have two families who aged 20 years between 1841 and 1851. I assumed this was down to the enumerator not knowing what he was doing!

Sheila from Down Under
05-04-08, 23:10
Merry, on the 1851 census for Hampshire listed with John is Robert Age 29 son Widowed--- Rosamond age 27 daughter------ could the younger children be Robert's

Merry Monty Montgomery
06-04-08, 10:12
Well if Robert was 29 in 151 then he would have been only 17 when William was born and younger when Priscilla was born.

I wonder if the Elizabeth listed as 30 in 1841 was actually 50? Then she might be the only wife - married in 1815. However, then there's Eliza aged 4 in 1851 who messes up that theory!

John says he is married in 1851. Why couldn't his wife have been at home :(

I wonder if this is Eliza's birth?

Births Dec 1846
Cooper Eliza Ann Andover 7 44

Might throw some light on the situation, if John is her father (as per the census)

Sheila from Down Under
06-04-08, 11:42
Merry I love to find the true answer it sounds as if it could be ,but OH will not let me mortgage the house :p :D There must have been 2 wives, unless one was a servant at the time of the 1851 census and away from home ???