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04-04-08, 20:23
Hi folks not sure if this is the right place but I cannot find my PYATT family they married on 28 April 1777 St Martin in the field. Birmingham.
Joseph PYATT and Ann TEDMAN. My 5x Gt Grandparents.

Have searched igi with no luck at all. There are a couple of entries in different areas but parents names don't seem to tally.

All the children were baptised St Martins, they have some strange second names but I cannot find them before that any ideas where to look next please.

PS picture of St Martins duly posted (I think) of to check.

04-04-08, 23:01
I suppose the obvious answer is "try the record office", if they aren't on the IGI.

05-04-08, 14:30
Have you looked at
Warwickshire Online Parish Clerks (http://www.hunimex.com/warwick/opc/opc.html#B)

21-04-08, 10:24
My sincere apologies for not acknowledging these replies sooner but for some reason the post dropped of my radar.

many thanks for your replies.
Jean will have a look at the link later.
KR it's a question of getting there unfortunately. It's a long drive up there one of the many to add to the list for visits at some point.....

Kaz in a Tizz
21-04-08, 12:46
Hi Linda

Have you tried the Birmingham history forum I think someone on there does look ups for St Martins!

Church's - Birmingham History Forum (http://forum.birminghamhistory.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=303)

Is a great site for Brummie research.

21-04-08, 13:35
Thankyou Kaz just had a quick look will go back later looks interesting, thought for a minute though I was still here it's identical layout which is nice...easy to find way around.