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03-04-08, 14:58
Jane Clementina Furnivall died on the day of the 1861 census (7th April)

She had married in 1858 to WIlliam Graham Furnivall.

She was born Jane Clementina Marsh in 1835 at Winchester, Hampshire (place taken from 1851 census)

She appears on 1841 census under the name Jane Marston with her family
HO107; Piece 683; Book: 1; Folio: 18; Page: 31; Line: 2

On 1851 she's mistranscribed as Jane Clementina Christian
HO107; Piece: 1517; Folio: 52; Page: 8

Now I don't expect to find her on the 1871 but I was hoping to find her husband to try and see if she'd had any children.

William Graham Furnivall was born c1831 in Westminster.

Her obituaries refer to her as the "wife of Major Graham"

I've tried under both Furnivall and Graham and I'm drawing blanks.

Can anyone see them, please?


03-04-08, 15:01
Is this him remarried?

Class: RG10; Piece: 678; Folio: 51; Page: 26; GSU roll: 824721.

03-04-08, 15:09
William Graham Furnivall married Frances Elizabeth Thorp

Sept qtr 1867 Worthing (2b 506)

03-04-08, 15:24
cheers Wendy. I hadn't got as far forward as 1871. I'll take a look at them now.

Did a typo above and meant I was looking for him in 1861 i.e. on the day she died

03-04-08, 15:28
hmm - interesting.

There are children on the 1871 who are old enough to be Janes - but the enumerator has crossed out their ages and overwitten it with "not known"

Geraldine - 15
Florence - 10
Hilda - 5

all born Stockwell.

the oldest two could be Janes if the crossed out ages are corrcet

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:19
As there's a Thorp sister-in-law in the household in 1871 the marriage looks right.

I am not sure about the ages being crossed out, they are just squiggled over, not obliterated.

I also wonder why the "Major" is described as a barrister not in practice. What were they living on?

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:21
Ooh! IGI has

Marriage: 02 SEP 1867 Broadwater By Worthing, Sussex, England

Husband Age at Marriage: 36
Wife Age at Marriage: 28
Source Information: Batch No.: M153843

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:26
Do you know who registered Jane's death? If her husband was a Major he might have been abroad?

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:32
Had a scout round for a possible 5 or so year old Geraldine. Nowt.

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:35

48 The Chase, Clapham, Surrey
William G. FURNIVALE Head M 49 Westminster, Middlesex, Barister At Law
Frances E. FURNIVALE Wife M 42 Womersley, York
Gwendoline FURNIVALE Daur U 12 Clapham, Surrey, Scholar
Florence FURNIVALE Daur U 12 Clapham, Surrey,Scholar
Hilda FURNIVALE Daur 10 Clapham, Surrey, Scholar
William H. FURNIVALE Son 6 Beckenham, Kent Scholar
Harold FURNIVALE Son 4 Beckenham, Kent
Gerard FURNIVALE Son 2 Clapham, Surrey
Frances FURNIVALE Daur 5 m Clapham, Surrey,
Mary Ann E. MILLS Nurse W 30 Bristol, Somerset, Nurse Domestic
Martha OSSBEN Servt U 18 Battersea, Surrey, England Cook Domestic
Georgina HEYWARD Servt U 17 Wandsworth, Surrey Maid Domestic

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:36
So it seems Geraldine was Gwendoline ( I thought the image was a little difficult to decipher) and she should have been 2. Curiously I see they chose Gerard as a boy's name though.

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:38
Birth reg:
Gwendolilne Furnivall 1868 Jul-Aug-Sep Lambeth
Volume: 1d Page: 441

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:39
Florence Furnivall 1869 Apr-May-Jun
Lambeth Volume: 1d Page: 401

03-04-08, 17:48
The baby was born 21 Feb 1861 at Euston Square.

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:50
?! how do you know?

Little Nell
03-04-08, 17:51
which baby?

03-04-08, 17:51
More haste, less speed!
83 Ebury St EATON Square. He is Captain Furnivall in the notice.

03-04-08, 17:52
Sorry, using 19th c Newspapers for 1861.

03-04-08, 17:56
11 Nov 1861 he took part in Lord Mayor's Day. Looks like he was in the City of London Rifle Volunteers. Do you suppose that was like the TA?

03-04-08, 17:59
19 June 1861:

“Her majesty has accepted the resignation of the commissions held by Capt William Graham Furnivall in the Artillery Regiment of Royal Lancashire Militia”

03-04-08, 18:05
Zoe, why are you interested in these people? William Graham Furnivall sounds like a thoroughly bad egg. He doesn't appear to have mourned his wife very long, and in the 1870s was had up for persuading people to invest in an unsound investment.

03-04-08, 18:45
crikey - you've all been busy.

I fell asleep - sorry *hangs head*

The first Mrs Furnival, Jane Clementina Marsh aka Jenny Marston (stage name) is my connection.

Her father was actor Henry Marston (born Richard Henry Marsh) and her mother Georgiana Noel was sister to my 4 x great grandmother.

I found her death notice on Gale in The Era. It said the Marstons had previoulsy lost one daughter so I started hunting, as I think they lost two.

I got distracted when I realised Jane/Jenny died on the day if the 1871 census

and if any of you are still with me..... thank you.

I'm just going to catch up on your finds

03-04-08, 18:50

did the birth notice say if the baby was a boy or a girl?

03-04-08, 19:34
okay - up to speed now. THANK YOU for help.

The 1861 birth was a daughter and I can only see one that matches which is Helen Jane Emily Furnival registered June quarter 1861.

Can only find her one one census which is the 1881 where she appears with two sisters

Georgi Ann G Furnival, 22
(matching birth for a Georgi Ann Grace Furnival, Clerkenwell, 1858

Gertrude F Furnival, 21
(matching birth Gertrude Frances MIddleton Furnival, Elham 1859)

Now Frances and Georgina/Georgianna are family names quite consistently so there's every chance all 3 could be Janes.

Am I going to fast with this though?

Can anyone see the three girls in 1861 or 1871?

I'm going to check GRO indexes in case there's any Furnivals not made it to freeBMD yet

03-04-08, 19:47
just spotted - there's also an aunt on the 1881 census

Henrietta Furnival, 33, born London Middlesex

03-04-08, 20:15
okay - how's this looking?

Henrietta Furnival (aunt on 1881) is the daughter of William Henry Furnival (1851 census)

Gertrude Furnival is on 1871 as niece to Charles Henry Furnival (also on 1851 as son to William Henry)

I can't yet see William Graham Furnival with William Henry and wife Jane - but given what Nell found on the IGI is it looking likely that these three girls are daughters of William Graham and Jane Clementina?

I just wish I could find something in 1861 - the whole family look to be absent