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liz hutchison
03-04-08, 13:26
can anyone help me find a HERBERT WARWICK he was married to my nana DORIS ROSE POOLE that you have already helped me with.i dont know if nana and herbert got divorced or he died.everyone in this message have passed on.what i know is herbert warwick[m]doris rose poole[her b.d.09091899]they had a daughter joan doreen warwick in watford on 05091920 on my mum b.c. has a number[W78/122]dont know if that is relevent.b.c. isnt a full one just states that she was born and were.have got m.date of herbert and doris but believe it was between1918-1922.regards liz hutchison;););):rolleyes:

Little Nell
03-04-08, 13:32
The reference on the birth cert is of no significance. People were issued with the short certs free and had to pay for the longer ones which gave details of parents names, father's occupation. You could still apply for the full cert if you wanted.

This looks like the marriage (on Freebmd -http://freebmd.rootsweb.com/cgi/search.pl]

Marriages Jun 1919 Watford 3a 2148
Harris William T Hodgson
Hodgson Lily Harris
>>>Poole Doris R Warwick
>>>Warwick Herbert H Poole

Little Nell
03-04-08, 13:35
If you order this marriage cert it will give you Herbert and Rose's fathers' occupations which would enable us to locate them in 1901 census.

As for finding deaths - this is a slog through the death indexes as they arent fully transcribed after the early years of 20th century. Unless of course you have some idea. Why do you think they may have divorced?