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Sue from Southend
03-04-08, 09:36
My Grandmother born 1889 - how old do you think she is in these? (definitely trying to "keep young and beautiful"!)



Mary from Italy
03-04-08, 09:48
Nice picture. she's doing callisthenics:

Ontario's Sporting Past: Picton Collegiate girls’ callisthenics class (http://www.archives.gov.on.ca/ENGLISH/exhibits/sports/big/big_01_callisthenics.htm)

Calisthenics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calisthenics)

Sue from Southend
03-04-08, 09:58
That's really interesting Mary -they are very simlar poses!

I thought they were really funny - I remember Grandma as a dumpy little 75 yr old!

03-04-08, 10:22
I know my grandmother put her hair up at 14 when she left school so I would guess about 14 in 1906. Really nice photos

Little Nell
03-04-08, 11:03
I'd say she was still a young girl in her early teens. I wonder what the token pinned to her pinafore was?

Little Nell
03-04-08, 11:04
And whose fingerprints are those on the edge of the mount?

Just Barbara
03-04-08, 12:11
Love the photos, and she is taking it SO seriously.........

03-04-08, 14:15
A case for the restorers?

Anne in Carlisle
03-04-08, 14:41
She looks about 13 or 14 to me. Great photos and very unusual subject. Perhaps she was very good at the exercises?


Sue from Southend
03-04-08, 14:54
I think she looks about 13 or 14 too. Mum (age 87) doesn't remember Grandma talking about "doing exercises" (but then she only remembered these photos yesterday:() but she certainly had all the gear! Do you think the gymslip was the equivalent of the legwarmer - very trendy in its day:D

And yes James I think I will get the restorers on to them - someone has handled them with very sticky fingers (not me, Nell!)

Sand Dancer
05-04-08, 12:21
I'd say she looks around 13 or 14.
The gymslip reminded me of my school days!!