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Lynn The Forest Fan
01-04-08, 08:46
Is it possible to change the default size of pics from Photobucket? I am finding that the photos I am downloading of chuches are large & when I try to edit them in Photobucket, it either takes ages or just shuts down on me. Is there anyway to get them the right size straight away, to save editing them later please?

01-04-08, 09:44

have a look at this:


look to RHS and in the column 5 up from bottom is Microsoft image resizer.

I know some people use that, I can't get on with PB's new resizer, its too cumbersome for my liking.

don't know why they have to mess with it if it works ok in the first place.

Christine in Portugal
01-04-08, 10:48
I use Irfanview for resizing and find it very easy to use.

IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide (http://www.irfanview.com/)

Liz from Lancs
01-04-08, 13:40
I've just lost where on Photobucket you could adjust the size to forum size. On Strange Photography thread in Hobbies, we are all using full size...

I know I clicked something once on it but can't find in relation to individual images. Thanks Liz

01-04-08, 13:52
On photobucket uner or above where it says browse,,,it says options click on that and it gives you a list just change that to website size and press save it will then make them all that size that you upload ;;easy

Lynn The Forest Fan
01-04-08, 14:27
I hadn't thought about using a different resizing website. :o I will probably do that.
Babs, I clicked on "account options" but couldn't find where to change the picture size :confused:
BTW, I am not on broadband & photobucket takes ages to download anyway.

01-04-08, 15:17
Its not in account options its just in the part were you upload your normal photos above the browse button ;;

Liz from Lancs
01-04-08, 15:40
Thanks Babs...we are all going Photobucket mad with the Churches photo project! Liz

Lynn The Forest Fan
01-04-08, 15:59
Thanks Babs, I have now discovered what you meant & have managed to put up one photo, but photobucket is still being really slow for me.:(

Christine in Portugal
02-04-08, 00:09
Hi Lynn,

Were you uploading to photobucket, resizing and then downloading them.

If you resize in Irfanview, then upload they should be quicker when smaller.

02-04-08, 00:21
If you use photo bucket it stores picture on there and doesnt use the sites energy ,,but when you post straight onto site it adds to the load, sorry not explaining that very good ;;
Lyne glad you got sorted babe ;;;Liz very true ;;

Sunny Kate
02-04-08, 03:59
Irfanview is so quick & easy - even for a non tech type like me. Usuaually I resize down in pixels but increasing pixel size is just as easy. I use Picasa for storing photos on my computer but always resize with irfanview. It's also a quick & easy download.

Lynn The Forest Fan
02-04-08, 06:51
The one picture that I had success with, was one that I had resized first & it uploaded really quickly. I have been using a site called Online Image resizer, which I had used previously, but it isn't very fast. I am getting there now though.

Christine in Portugal
02-04-08, 11:23
If the online image resizer is slow you would be better with one on your computer as you are not relying on your internet speed to upload it for resizing.

Lynn The Forest Fan
02-04-08, 12:28
I think that is what I need, as my internet time is limited, I would appreciate being able to resize off line. Is there a recommended one?

Val wish Id never started
02-04-08, 13:58
I just googled Lyn ,and there are lots but I would not know which one to recommend sorry and good luck

Christine in Portugal
02-04-08, 14:03
I use Irfanview which is free, link is given in an earlier post and someone else has also said they use that. It's really quick, you just have to give the resized picture a different name, I usually just add 1 after the original name.
It's really good for cropping too.

Lynn The Forest Fan
02-04-08, 15:37
Thanks for looking Val:)
Thanks Christine, I wasn't sure if that was an on or offline one. I will give it a go. :)

Christine in Portugal
03-04-08, 06:46
Hope you have some success with it.

Lynn The Forest Fan
03-04-08, 06:58
Thanks Christine. You will be glad to know that I have now successfully resized a pic on Irfanview & downloaded it to photobucket. I was going to download Irfanview yesterday, when I realised that I already had it on my computer from transcribing.:o I had thought the name was familiar.

Christine in Portugal
03-04-08, 07:13
Good, amazing what we forget isn't it.