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31-03-08, 22:07
There is a photo, in a book, of a relative, Nina Bird, unveiling the war memorial in Hook, Surrey on 26th September 1920. The accompanying article says there are 42 men listed on the memorial at St Paul's Church "which can be seen by the many people walking along the Hook Road".

Nina was the wife of George Coveney Bird who owned The Rhodrons which was a large country house (near Elm Road apparently). It is now some sort of night club !!

Other than being married to a local dignitary, I don't know why she might have been given the honor of doing the unveiling. Is there someone out there who could photograph the memorial so I can see if there are any relatives on it ? If so, please PM me and I will let you have my email address.


Carolyn P
31-03-08, 23:43
Hi Simon

As you know I live quite near there and will be glad to photograph the war memorial for you. I've been meaning to take my camera up to St Pauls to photograph it for the churches project and with the light evenings should be able to do it tomorrow. I already have your e-mail so will be touch asap.

01-04-08, 07:37
Many thanks Carolyn. As you had already helped me out I thought I would try to spread the load rather than trouble you again, but thanks. We are particularly looking for surnames such as BIRD, BENSON, ROSS, COVENEY, ST PAUL, JONES.

Thanks again - off to work now, driving up to Chester for a couple of days.