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Northern Light
30-03-08, 14:14
Could someone please look in FreeBMD and see if theres any children born to
Thomas Wroughton and Edith Ada Holden, they married in Blackburn in 1909.

Sorry but FreeBMD keeps timing out on me! Looked in Lancs bmd but cant see anything..Thanks.

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 14:17
Births Sep 1912 (>99%)
WROUGHTON Harold Holden Blackburn 8e 596
WROUGHTON Willie Holden Blackburn 8e 596

Births Dec 1921 (90%)
Wroughton (living?) Holden Blackburn 8e 499

30-03-08, 14:17
I have found twins born in 1912. Shall I pm the details?

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 14:18
There are two more possibles here (MMN wasn't added to the registers until mid-1911):

Births Jun 1909 (>99%)
WROUGHTON James Blackburn 8e 352
WROUGHTON Thomas Blackburn 8e 352

Looks as though the poor woman had two sets of twins in three years :eek:

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 14:20
Sadly, the first pair of twins died:

Deaths Jun 1909 (>99%)
WROUGHTON James 0 Blackburn 8e 234
WROUGHTON Thomas 0 Blackburn 8e 232

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 14:22
I imagine these deaths may relate to the same family as the surname isn't all that common:

Deaths Sep 1909 (>99%)
WROUGHTON Mary 72 Blackburn 8e 197

Deaths Jun 1917 (>99%)
Wroughton Harold 15 Blackburn 8e 397

Deaths Mar 1919 (>99%)
Wroughton Edith 0 Blackburn 8e 629

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 14:28
This is the Harold who died in 1917

Births Mar 1902 (>99%)
WROUGHTON Harold Blackburn 8e 341

Can't find a birth for Edith anywhere.

Northern Light
30-03-08, 14:28
Thanks Mary and Wendy, that was quick..
2 sets of twins, shame the 1st set died! I have copied the details,

I have only just started on this branch and Thomas is only a 2nd cousin twice removed but none the less a blood relli, thanks again.

I havent found the birth of Edith Ada Holden yet lol, Mary your so quick..

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 14:29
I'll delete the 1921 birth, in case she's still alive.

Northern Light
30-03-08, 14:36
Thanks Mary I have the details.

Poor little souls to have lived and died in the same quarter!

I still cant get in Free BMD lol..

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 15:18
I havent found the birth of Edith Ada Holden yet

I meant that I couldn't find a birth for baby Edith who died aged 0.

This birth matches the death, but she wasn't born in Blackburn, and she's not a Wroughton, so she presumably isn't the child of your couple.

Births Jun 1918 (73%)
Holden Edith Holden Ulverston 8e 935

Pippa Doll
30-03-08, 15:20
Does this mean that you are related to OC?

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 15:22
Sure to be :)

Does OC have Holdens in Blackburn?

Northern Light
30-03-08, 15:26
Does this mean that you are related to OC?

Pippa Hmmmm, hadnt thought of that, OC had hundreds of them lol..I bet she has some in Blackburn :)

Mary I cant find a birth for the baby Edith either, Ive looked on Ancestry and I still cant get into freeBMD (pest) It dosent sound like babe edith is one of mine.
Ive tried matching the mother up with the census on Ancestry but there all just down as Ediths except one who turned out to be Edith Ann, never mind lol.

Mary from Italy
30-03-08, 15:33
I edited my earlier post because I found a birth for an Edith who matches up, but in the name of Holden.

Northern Light
30-03-08, 15:36
Thanks Mary :)

Suppose Ill have to get the marriage cert to find out more about Edith Ada but I have a list of 23certs I need that are more closely related. Ah well I can wait.

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-03-08, 21:58
Can't find a birth for Edith anywhere.

This must be it:

1919 Q1 Blackburn - Wroughton Edith mmn Holden 8e 383

Mary from Italy
31-03-08, 00:03
How odd - that's not coming up on FreeBMD for me.

Northern Light
31-03-08, 09:15
Thanks Merry,

I can get into free BMD again now, dunno what was wrong. The birth Merry found dosent seem to be on there lol.