View Full Version : Any ideas on Uniform and date please

Bo the Bodger
29-03-08, 14:43
I found this in a box of my father's photos. I have no idea who the gentleman is - but he has an impressive set of sideburns!

Can anybody advise what the uniform is or a date? It looks as if he has two stripes on his arm but the plummage is obscuring the cap badge.


Many thanks

29-03-08, 14:50
Hi Bo
No idea regarding the uniform. However I have a photo of my grt grt grandad with very similar facial hair thought to be about 1870's. It looks as if they comb it out to look longer and not bushy,must have been the fashion.

Rachel Scand
29-03-08, 16:01
Don't suppose there's anything on the back ?

Have you tried to find the photographers on any census ?

Tried enlarging it but can not read the whole name and address

Bo the Bodger
29-03-08, 16:55
No nothing on the back - I've prized it out of its frame. the photographers are Meesrs Cotton and wall 90 Cannon Street West City (which I assume is WC London)

Margaret in Burton
29-03-08, 17:28
Isn't it the Coldstream Guards or something that have a headress like that?

Just Barbara
29-03-08, 18:02
He's not a coldstream, I think he might be a rifleman, his whiskers are called piccadilly weepers, or Dundrearies, they were very fashionable in the 1870s.

29-03-08, 18:25
Can not say which regiment he served in as the badge on his Shako is obscured by the plumage, but the date line would be tight as it would have be somewhere between 1858 and 1861. In 1858 a play, "Our American Cousin", written by Tom Taylor was performed in London. One of the character's of the play was a Lord Dundreary and it was from this character that the whisker's, worn by this soldier, were named after and this style of facial hair only really lasted from the time that the play was first performed until the end of the 1860's. The photographer's, Cotton and Wall, were in fact John Anderson Cotton who was born in 1831 and Alfred Henry Wall born 1828 (died 24/6/1906). Cotton was already trading at 90 Cannon Street between 1854 to the October of 1856, and after October 1856 he entered into partnership with Wall until 27th January 1861 when the partnership was dissolved.


Bo the Bodger
30-03-08, 16:33
Thank you so much for that info on the date and the whiskers - I had no idea they had a name! It will all help with narrowing down the candidates in my father's tree as to who it might be as well. I'm not on line much at the moment as it is the holidays and my dau.......need I say more lol