View Full Version : HP Driver updates??

Olde Crone Holden
29-03-08, 00:29
I had a message on my pooter when I logged on this morning (a pop-up from the HP icon on the bottom bar) asking me if I wanted to check for updates.

I checked and it recommended several updates. I haven't a clue what any of them are, but they all appear to be to do with the security of my computer.

Do I need to do all these updates and are they safe to do? I don't want to muck things up on my computer. I do have AVG7.


Glen in Tinsel Knickers
29-03-08, 10:04
I haven't registered with HP and don't photo share via them so shouldn't have any problems with my system being hijacked, the HP software i have is purely to install the printer and edit images via Image Zone.

Strangely when asked to check for updates my system said none were available, then decided that there were potential updates (mostly for security issues).

Val wish Id never started
29-03-08, 14:16
OC I had a HP Printer for years and it never once asked me that and whenever I went to the site it always said there were no updates .

29-03-08, 15:33
One of HP's latest downloads, is a Diagnostic tool which tells you if there is a fault with the printer

Olde Crone Holden
29-03-08, 22:42
Well, although I did register with HP photoshare, I find it impossible to use (thickie) and only use photobucket now.

I think I will leave well alone for now.


Heather Positive Thinker
30-03-08, 00:04
Im continually being offered updates for my HP all in one printer/scanner/photocopier. I used to download them all but often found I had probs after I had so now I ignore them.

Liz from Lancs
31-03-08, 08:13
Hi OC I did do the download and one huge bit is HP Shop. My puter is okay. There is a fault with printers in that if don't switch off before swith puter off, it switches puter back on.

More annoying that HP is Norton which seems to be updating all the time. When it expires in May, definitely switching to a free system like AVG or Zone Alarm.