View Full Version : Tribal Pages - 20% discount for an upgrade.

Olde Crone Holden
29-03-08, 01:25
Tribal Pages are offering a 20% discount for an upgrade to a paid site. The offer lasts a month.


Just Gillian
29-03-08, 01:27
Thank you for the information.

I shall go and check what the advantages of a paid account are.

Val wish Id never started
29-03-08, 01:30
what ????????? I upgraded again last month ,I had the paid one but went for the next one up UUUGHH

Olde Crone Holden
29-03-08, 01:48

I wouldn't worry too much because it looks as if they are only bringing it back down to what it was - the exchange rate has pushed UP the cost by about 20%!


Durham Lady
29-03-08, 10:43
As it's only around £12 a year for an upgrade anyway it's not a massive saving :D

Val wish Id never started
29-03-08, 15:09
oh thank goodness as I always seem to just miss out on the discounts