View Full Version : Anybody recognize this bit of coastline please?

28-03-08, 11:36

Just Barbara
28-03-08, 11:52
The picture isn't very good but are those boats thames sailing barges?

28-03-08, 11:59
Hi Barbara, the original photo is pretty bad but I thought those 'bits' were maybe rocks?

Just Barbara
28-03-08, 12:06
goes to ring opticians....................

28-03-08, 12:14
Don't do that Barbara, you've put a smile on my face:)

28-03-08, 12:28
Look like sailing boats to me Trish!

28-03-08, 12:48
You lot are making me doubt my own eyesight now:D Just checked the original with a magnifying glass - they are definitely rocks

28-03-08, 12:56
Hi Trish,
I've just colour corrected and altered the contrast and brightness and they certainly aren't sailing barges.

Your Dad.

Unfortunately though, I don't recognise the coastline.

28-03-08, 12:59
That's brilliant Neil, thank you so much:)

Rachel Scand
28-03-08, 13:14
here it is a bit bigger ..
the boats are a funny shape :confused:
(oops forgot to sharpen it)


Paul Barton, Special Agent
28-03-08, 18:42
I'm no geologist but that does not look like a coastline as much as the banks of a river, deeply eroded. If it is a river it is cutting through a very flat landscape. Could the strange structures be the supports of a bridge or pier that no longer exists? To give an idea of scale I think I can see a person standing just to the left of his hood.

Jill on the A272
28-03-08, 18:48
You can rule out Sussex (not very helpful, I know), wrong sort of geology.

Paul Barton, Special Agent
28-03-08, 18:51
I wonder if they are the remains of WW2 coastal defences. The man's haircut coat and glasses suggest a date for the photo of around 1966.

28-03-08, 18:56
I can tell you it was taken between 1976 and 1981, OH has just had a look and thinks it may be the Dorset area. What do you think of that idea?

28-03-08, 19:00
By the way, it is a rotten photo of my father (he didn't look like that - I blame the photographer!!).:(:D

Paul Barton, Special Agent
28-03-08, 19:03
The Dorset coastline was used for rehearsals for D-Day, so maybe the structures are the remains of assault equipment.

Rachel Scand
28-03-08, 19:04
Can't get it any sharper ... very odd shapes


28-03-08, 19:11
Our neighbour has joined us in trying to solve the problem now, he reckons the rock formation could well be The Pinnacles at Dorset

Paul Barton, Special Agent
28-03-08, 19:12
You can see that they are not floating but fixed to the seabed. Could they be structures with a central 'mast', covered with tarpaulin?

28-03-08, 19:18
Just searched for a photo of the Pinnacles - it's possible I guess, depends on the angle the photos were taken and if it was low/high tide

Landscape and nature photography by New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset photographer Adam Burton (http://www.adam-burton.co.uk/010625.htm)

28-03-08, 19:32
Have a look at this site Geology of Harry Rocks and Ballard Point Chalk Cliffs - Field Trip Guide. (http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imw/harry.htm#pinnacle)

There is a picture there of the Pinnacles in 1930 if you double click the picture you can see some text

28-03-08, 19:35
Thanks for that Marie.

I think that may be it everyone, Paul, your idea of a river bank would seem true too because of the shape of the coastline just there (horseshoe).

My brain hurts, going for a coffee now.

28-03-08, 19:41
sorry to suggest other wise but The Pinnacles are made of chalk and are white, they don't look white in your picture

Rachel Scand
28-03-08, 21:17
They actually look like giant shoes or boots .... the sort that would have been worn by a toddler 1800-1900s

Anne in Carlisle
28-03-08, 21:57
I know where it is!!!! :D

Its Duncansby Head in the very north east of Scotland. Not that far from John o' Groats.


28-03-08, 22:13
Duncansby Head Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland (http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/johnogroats/duncansbyhead/index.html)

Mary from Italy
28-03-08, 22:15
That looks a lot more like it.


Anne in Carlisle
28-03-08, 22:20
Yea - I was right!!
*jumps up and down*
Do I get a prize? :p


Rachel Scand
28-03-08, 22:41
That looks a lot more like it.


Oh WOW !!! ... that's exactly IT :) .... fantastic pic Mary ... well done Anne

Just Gillian
28-03-08, 23:47
Well done Anne! Have you been there?

I've kept dropping in on here this evening to see if there was a solution.

This site is amazing for general knowledge as well as genealogy isn't it?

29-03-08, 06:33
Well done Anne, that is brilliant:) A full 10 points awarded to you. Thank you. You do realise you have now given me another problem though!!!! What on earth was he doing up there? And what am I going to tell my neighbour who was so convinced about 'them thar' Pinnacles!!?

Thanks again everyone, one more mystery location ticked off:)

Anne in Carlisle
29-03-08, 10:59
Yes I have been there a couple of times on holiday. Once seen never forgotten. Also I am very interested in geology (used to teach it a bit) so that sort of thing sticks.

The 'stacks' are very large indeed. They are the same sort of thing as more familiar chalk stacks like The Needles off the Isle of Wight. I had to chuckle at the various interpretations last night. It really goes to show how scale on photos can be mis interpreted!


Rachel Scand
29-03-08, 11:58

29-03-08, 12:03
Rachel, that reminds me - must get a new pair of slippers:D

Anne in Carlisle
29-03-08, 12:06
Is that the BFG Rachel? Or a tiny person in front of a kerb?:D:D


29-03-08, 14:07
Great the mystery is solved. I'm sitting here with a stinking cold looking through the threads. Rachel you have just mad me laugh........thanks.

Rachel Scand
29-03-08, 15:45
Rachel you have just mad me laugh........thanks.

:D well that's what it looked like to me :D
hope you're feeling better