View Full Version : I'm getting spam from myself!

Shirley silver surfer
28-03-08, 09:59
I normally use Outlook Express to send and receive mail. Then I go to Yahoo to delete the spam messages and check that nothing important has been 'spammed'. This morning there were two messages that appeared to be from me!!!
Do I presume that my email address has been hijacked? What should I do?

Has anyone else had this? - And what did you do?:eek:

vanessa tallon
30-03-08, 12:11
I get that regularly. I just delete it unopened. I do not know how they have got my e-mail address but i have not had any inquiries about my so called stock of Viagra!!LOL!!!

Shirley silver surfer
30-03-08, 21:34
Thanks Vanessa.
Apparently if your email address is in someone's address book and they pick up a certain kind of virus, all their contact addresses can be hijacked and used in this way.
I don't know what I am supposed to be selling but I'm sure my contacts wouldn't be interested!!!!
I'll do as you suggest.

Margaret N
30-03-08, 22:30
Here is a tip that may help cut down your spam but each ISP is different. When you receive a message that you wish to forward to others. Always do a 'copy and paste' open a new email and only put the main receipient on the top line and then use Bcc to list all the other names that you are forwarding the email to. Only the receipient will receive the notice and be unaware of others email addresses. Address more often than not get recorded in your address book and you don't know how reliable people are especially when buying and selling. It is a bit of fag but I have found it well worth the effort.

Heather Positive Thinker
31-03-08, 15:23
Shirley - run your avg or whatever anti virus you have. I had that virus a long time back and not only do you get emails from yourself my old emails were being sent out to various people in my address book. As you can imagine, not only embarrassing but potentially very worrying as any old email was being sent to anyone.

Do run the antivirus and get shot of the virus.

Shirley silver surfer
31-03-08, 16:04
Don't worry! I ran my virus check immediately (its scheduled to run on Saturdays anyway) and Norton found nothing. I understand the virus was on a computer where my email address was in the address book.