View Full Version : Vintage car spotter please!

Paul Barton, Special Agent
27-03-08, 19:53
This picture was taken by my grandfather in East Africa in the 1920's when he worked on a cocoa plantation. Can anybody identify the model of car?

27-03-08, 20:22
thats better, so folks can see :)


Grampa Jim
27-03-08, 20:43
Not one I recognise, and probably not built in Africa. It might be an Alvis. They used a triangular badge.

Just Barbara
27-03-08, 20:53
I've just realised the windscreen is opened like a window! Did cars do that over here or was that just for Africa?

Grampa Jim
27-03-08, 20:54
That happened over here too.

Shirley silver surfer
27-03-08, 22:50
My first car was a 1936 Morris 8 (with the spare wheel strapped on the back!) and it had levers at the bottom of the windscreen,secured by threaded nuts. It was possible to open the screen from the bottom to allow air to circulate. Unfortunately it was not completely rainproof and I had to seal it shut. As there was no heater in the car and the wooden floor had holes in it I hardly needed such ventilation anyway! I loved that old car though.