View Full Version : "not a valid age of death" what does this mean?

27-03-08, 09:32
my brother died 3 years before i was born : he died in 1947 ,aged 8 months old of meningitis and entritis...for obvious reasons it wasn`t a talking point in our house,and now both my parents have passed away..i now find myself a little embarrassed by admitting that i don`t know they day he was born,or the day that he died...i think he died in december 1947..i`ve checked Lancs bmd...nothing...i`ve checked Free bmd,and it comes up.."not a valid age of death!"...so can anyone explain this please...its new to me..by the way,for the record i`m looking for the birth and death of .
Kenneth Oakes..1947 (i think).in garston,liverpool..any help would be appreciated...regards...allan

Sue from Southend
27-03-08, 09:49
I don't think FreeBMD go as late as 1947.

From Ancestry Complete BMD

1947 Q4
Kenneth Oakes (mmn Anson) Liverpool S. 10d 997

1948 Q2
Kenneth Oakes, age 0, Liverpool S. 10d 495

There is another Kenneth Oakes birth in Prescot with mmn Mc Clure in Q3 1947

27-03-08, 09:55
Just to explain about the "not a valid age", the age on the GRO index would be given as 0, meaning 0 years, so if you put in "8 months" as the age at death then the FreeBMD search would not recognise it and you would get a message saying "not a valid age".

Margaret in Burton
27-03-08, 10:38

You need to check the full images for 1947 on Ancestry of Find my Past. Freebmd won't go anywhere near 1947.

Did you ever get your broadband on your laptop problem sorted?

27-03-08, 12:27
thankyou all....sorry for delay..had to go to wrexham at 9 am...yes sue...thats my brother..mums maiden name was anson....thought he died in december...he must have been born in december 1947 and died in 1948....thanks kiterunner...it took me a little while,but i presumed what you`ve posted...they asked for birth and death dates,and they didn`t match as seperate years..so it said"not a valid age"...thanks margaret...no,not yet,but i do have an ethanet cable...its just not long enough...i`ll try it this afternoon on the pc desk...thank you all....allan

Heather Positive Thinker
27-03-08, 12:45
Its very sad for you Alan, but I think its right and just that we add all these little ones to our trees, even those much further back - each and every one of them should be remembered.

27-03-08, 13:16
thanks heather...ridiculous as it sounds,i feel a little guilty in not knowing the details of my brother..when we were small,every xmas day,we had to go to the cemetery about 11-12 o clock ,to lay a wreath...and my mum used to say...its xmas for your kenneth as well...as kids,we used to pull a face,as we were taken away from our toys...mum and dad had 5 sons...and she never forgot kenneth at xmas...sad story,but the truth........allan

27-03-08, 13:39
I know what you mean about remembering lost ones at Christmas.

We all used to go except my Mum on Christmas Day to my sister's grave. She has died when she was 7 but Mum could never go - just couldn't bear it.