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25-03-08, 20:46
Last Sunday...I was placing some old photos back into one of our albums when I pointed out to my 28 yr old daughter 'here is a picture of your friend Kelly's aunty's wedding'!

She had no idea that I knew Kelly's Dad's sister Jackie or Kelly's mother's sister Barbara back in the early 70's. We all worked to-gether in Unigate offices!

Kelly and my daugher were born 7 days apart and her mum and I were next to one another in hospital and we have remained good friends ever since.

When my mum came to see her newborn grandaughter she was amazed to recognize baby Kelly's grandmother. Kelly's grandmother had fed and nursed me in the same hospital (she had given birth to a son a few days before I was born) all those years ago, as my Mum nearly died and she didn't see me until I was 2 weeks old.

This incident then prompted me to start writing the names of people beside each photograph in that album....all 300 of them!

One album done...6 more (with old photos in) to go! My kids know who everybody is in all the others.

Hope you all do the same...or at least make a start.

Jill on the A272
25-03-08, 21:06
My Mum and I spent several afternoons during her final weeks looking through photos and writing names and dates on the back, it was therapeutic for us both and not with any thought of family history at the time, though it has proved useful now. She had done the same whith her elderly uncle as a way of passing the time happily.

25-03-08, 22:46
Its funny this as after my Mam died shye had sorted all her photos out and put them into packs of who for , and wrote on the back of them ,,,

26-03-08, 13:11
I found loads of photographs in my late parents albums of young men in what was obviously USA army uniform. Had no idea who exactly they were but I did know that one of my mums Aunts went over to the USA back in 1912 from Dublin as mum used to write to her when I was small.

I managed to locate one of the grandaughters (Patricia) of mum's aunt Alice on ancestry.com and I emailed the photos over to her. They were her uncles!

I then sent her copies of all the other 'unknown' photos and she was able to tell me so much info on a lot of them. Some were of her Dad and her eldest sister when she was about 3 and some were of one of her cousins...one of them even shared the same name as me...Teresa Marie, only her's is spelt Theresa. Some were of her aunty too.

So not only did I find out who mum's aunt had married etc., but all the time there were photos of her cousins over in the USA!

Pat's Mum even had a photo of my parents wedding...but only my Grandpops name was written on the back, so they assumed it was his wedding!

Only recently found some more photos of Mum's relatives in the USA and her Aunt Alice had written on the back of these..bless her.

Patricia and I have a lot to thank her Gran (my Mum's Aunt) for as she had written down her parents names, the names of all her siblings and who they married back in Ireland. This has enabled us to find more of our second cousins in Ireland, Australia, London and even one of Mum's cousin living in Flintshire.

Don't you just love some of your ancestors to bits when they provide you with so much information!

26-03-08, 13:43
Sadly my grandad passed away before he could finish redoing his war time photo albums.I have found so many gaps and things in wrong places. He has an entry for a photo of Mousillini and wife when they were killed but the photo is missing. There are so many and no one to ask,he was in the AFPU with Alan Whicker,luckily Whickers book has helped put names to places. I write next to my new photos names,place etc for my kids.