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24-03-08, 12:43
Hope it comes out large enough to read whats in the margin.

24-03-08, 12:46
dont think it is big enough to read. Shame as it says couple changed their minds at the last minute which explains why it is crossed out. I think it says underneath that they later married at the registry office...

Jill on the A272
24-03-08, 12:55
I wonder which one got cold feet. And did they live happily ever after?

Little Nell
24-03-08, 13:24
I think it does say that. How exciting -and it shows that the marriage cert is often filled in except for the signatures before the ceremony. (I believe legally that once the couple have said their vows in front of witnesses, the marriage is valid).

But I am sure that when we married in the register office they filled it all in afterwards.

Merry Monty Montgomery
24-03-08, 15:11
I wonder if this is their second attempt?

Marriages Sep 1898
CLAYTON Louise Elizabeth Gravesend 2a 1080 <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Greenstreet Ada Jane Gravesend 2a 1080
MILLER Harry Gravesend 2a 1080 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ODDS Ernest Gravesend 2a 1080

Merry Monty Montgomery
24-03-08, 15:14
They are together in 1901

RG13; Piece: 712; Folio: 87; Page: 21

and have a one-year-old child.

Harry was born in Ireland. Maybe he was a Catholic and couldn't face marrying in the C of E?!! (or the vicar refused him?)

24-03-08, 15:32
alls well that ends well then. lol

25-03-08, 09:33
the baptism of Michael Philip Jagger 6th October 1943 son of a school teacher