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23-03-08, 11:56
Can anyone who can play the videos on BBC news pages work out what this is about?

World War I records go online
A new website is launched to allow members of the public to trace the military records of their relatives who were involved in World War I.

It appears on this page under video and audio news

BBC NEWS | Scotland (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/default.stm)

But I'm on a Mac and I can't play the wmv file. And I also can't find a corresponding written report.


Barbara Dodds
23-03-08, 12:10
Just listened to it Zoe, and they are highlighting letters and memories from the battle of the Somme.

No specific website was mentioned though:confused:

23-03-08, 12:14
Hello Zoe
I have watched the link which is a 7 minute long commemorative description with references to, for example, Harry Patch, the last remaining foot soldier from the first world war and the poetry written in his honour. The clip has been released in memory of the anniversary of the 2nd battle of the Somme
(21 03 1918).
There is a passing reference to the that that genealogists are interested to find out stuff on the internet but no more than that.
In my opinion the headline does'nt match the content.
Somewhat disappointing

23-03-08, 12:14
Well that's very bad reporting then

I've done google news and can't see it - although this Scottish archive that's just launched looks pretty good.
Hidden Scotland Unseen History Is Revealed On Film For First Time (from The Herald ) (http://www.theherald.co.uk/news/news/display.var.2130658.0.Hidden_Scotland_unseen_histo ry_is_revealed_on_film_for_first_time.php)

It's footage from the Scottish Screen Archive going back over 100 years