View Full Version : Are these related and ages please

Ozzie Gert
22-03-08, 12:01
Are the 3 ladies in the middle sitting down related, we know who the one in the middle is, just not sure of the other 2 and could you take a guess at thier ages please.



Velma Dinkley
22-03-08, 12:10
Possibly Sylvia, it's difficult to tell with their glasses on.

I would say that the photo was taken early/mid 1960s?

The lady on the left in the trio looks older and the one on the right looks younger then the lady in the centre.

Guess at the ages - one on left late 50s, early 60's...one on right late 30s early 40s.....

Ozzie Gert
22-03-08, 12:16
I was trying to work out if the one one the left could be the mother of the other 2, Edith in the middle was born 1896


Just Gillian
22-03-08, 12:18
Sylvia - I think the two on the left look very alike, but it may be just because of their glasses. I don't see any resemblance in the third.
First 60 to 65, second 45 to 50 and third 40 to 45.

Velma Dinkley
22-03-08, 12:20
Mmm, not sure...

How old is the lady in the middle, the glasses and her hair style makes her look older.

Velma Dinkley
22-03-08, 12:22
Sorry, just seen your updated post...so if the photo was taken 1960s that would make her in her 60s.....

Ozzie Gert
22-03-08, 12:31
Thank you for your input, the man in the back with the writing on his shirt married Ediths mother in 1911, he was 37 and she said 39 but should have been 44, but i guess this older lady is too young to be her.

Olde Crone Holden
31-03-08, 00:26
Counting from our left of the photo - lady number 2 and 4 are definitely related.


Ozzie Gert
31-03-08, 05:53
Thank you OC, i`m beginning to think this photo is either taken before the 60s? or not the people my cousin thinks they are

Edith in the middle was born 1896, so would be in her 60s, the Edith in the photo looks younger.

Albert in the back (name on shirt) says he is 37 on his marriage cert to Ediths mother in 1911, which would make him in his 80s on this photo, again looks too young.

Could this photo been taken earlier than the 60s?


Paul Barton, Special Agent
03-04-08, 00:34
The hairstyles of the younger women would suggest 1970.

Olde Crone Holden
05-04-08, 23:00
I would say that the dresses are typical 1950s, possibly early 60s if they kept their best for a long time, lol!

I remember my mother having an almost identical cocktail dress to the lady second in from the right. All the necklines are very modest - typical 1950s.


Ozzie Gert
06-04-08, 08:29
Bummer Paul, did you have to put a spanner in the works. LOL

Thanks OC, i had a dress similar, in my early 20s and that would have been in the 60s.