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Sheila from Down Under
21-03-08, 05:13
Hello Libby, I rang the number you gave me, and today I got a reply (Easter Friday) If I went into their office and gave them the " Source Information "
they would send away for the film. It would cost $5 + a donation to read it ,+ photo copying, needless to say I said No Thanks, Some information is only available to Church members . I think that is what she said, and they would give me what information they had, if any, I think a small donation would be asked for. I thought that I would let you know. I did not expext much but to be told that I would buy the whole film that was a shock, Thanks Libby it was a good exersice
Sheila 9349

Mary from Italy
21-03-08, 06:03
You don't buy the film, Sheila, that's what they charge to ship in the microfilm from wherever it's stored (my local LDS centre in Italy has to send to Germany for them). I doubt if the charge even covers their costs. I've ordered numerous microfilms of parish records at €1 each, and it's always been well worth it.

BigShaz McCreadie
21-03-08, 11:06
I'm going to sound really thick here :D

I didn't know you could order microfilm of parish records :o

Please tell me more Mary :)

Merry Monty Montgomery
21-03-08, 11:35

If you begin here:

FamilySearch.org - Family History Centers (http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHC/frameset_fhc.asp)

and read "About Family History Centres" and "FAQs" you will find out a bit about what the LDS can do to help you :)

Harrys mum
21-03-08, 11:54

I don't think $5 is that much really. You might get more records that are on the same film as well. I sent to Devon for records and that was 5 pounds. I just wanted the original handwritten record because it was my ggg grandfather's burial. It only had the name, date and his age. Nothing like a death cert but it was 1833 so was all I could get.
I thought it was worth it to have.

The problem is unless you have the actual records you won't be sure which one is your relative. I've been down the road of following the wrong family back three generations before I realised.

Little Nell
21-03-08, 12:54
You have to weigh the costs of renting the microfilm for a few weeks as against travelling to the relevant archive and viewing it. I can't get to any record centre in England for under £11 so rental is clearly cheaper.

But I would recommend anyone that can travel easily into London to go to the LDS centre there. It's called Hyde Park Centre but its actually opposite the Science Museum in Exhibition Road, nearest tube South Kensington. It has a vast number of microfilm on site and the staff are very friendly. Very useful to use them if you want to check out 3 or 4 neighbouring parishes and aren't sure which you need.

Harrys mum
21-03-08, 13:44
I agree Nell......my 5 pounds wouldn't have got me to the airport, let alone England. LOL.

Olde Crone Holden
21-03-08, 14:13
I use my LDS centre all the time and without it, couldn't have done ANY research in the last ten years. My relevant County Records Offices are 500 miles away, and I think £2.70 for a film is cheap at half the price!

Mind you I always get the most out of any film by going right through it and extracting anything that looks as if it might be remotely relevant.

My centre never ASKS for donations but welcomes them.

I don't see how else you are going to get this information - even if you email the relevant County Records Office in England, you will still have to pay for the result, and a search fee usually, although some don't charge if it is a simple and straightforward search taking less than ten minutes.


Mary from Italy
21-03-08, 14:19
Shaz, the LDS has microfilmed loads of stuff that isn't on the IGI yet. If you can't get to the Records Office that has the records you want, the LDS is an excellent alternative.

You can find your nearest centre here:

FamilySearch.org - Family History Centers (http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHC/frameset_fhc.asp)

and look at their catalogue here to see if they have the parish you want:

FamilySearch.org - Family History Library Catalog (http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp)

If it's a small place you may get all the baptisms, marriages and burials for the parish on one film but if it's larger, they may be spilt between one or more films.

You need to phone the centre to make an appointment, pay to order the film, and then go back to view it on their viewers. They'll hold if for you for a month or two, depending on the centre.

I've never been asked for a donation, and I've never been asked to pay to renew the rental when I've overrun the two months, although I think English centres do charge you. They're prohibited from talking to you about their religion unless you raise the subject, so you don't need to worry that they'll try and brainwash you.

Joan of Archives
21-03-08, 15:01
I always get my info from the PR's on microfilm if I can help it !

My LDS charges £3.50 for film rental, but you get it for 3 months which suits me fine !


Harrys mum
21-03-08, 22:59
Gee.....ours must be good value...$5 is 2pounds 28pence.

Sheila from Down Under
22-03-08, 01:37
Libby -----$5 + donation could amount to anything ,and in the Tropical North they send away for it. I can't see anyone here with any interest in Thatcham Berkshire, so perhaps they really did want me to but it ????

Harrys mum
22-03-08, 01:43
Sheila....................I don't think they sell anything, except the BVRI and that's from Sydney.

The donation is always voluntary, but I've always been happy to throw in another $5 as all their workers there are volunteers, and usually very helpful.

I had one poor fellow sit with me for hours one night pouring through all sorts of records.

There will be a set $5 fee for them to get the records, but as others have said, take note of everything on it as you'll find you might need something later. I think you can access it for anything from one to three months.

Olde Crone Holden
22-03-08, 02:48

All the films are ordered and sent from Salt Lake City, so the fee is to cover postage costs etc.

I did ask if I could buy a film - you can't, as they sometimes have only one or two copies of a film and people from all over the world might want to view it. However, if it isn't a very "popular" film you can have it on permanent loan.

You really do NOT have to give a donation, it is purely voluntary and in ten or more years I have never been asked for one. However, I occasionally bung one in, and I always round up the cost of the film.

These donations go on Family History facilities ONLY, they are kept strictly separate from church accounts. My local centre is saving up for a new computer with their donations.

As I said before, I don't see how you can get this info any other way unless someone is willing to go to the County Records Office for you.


Sheila from Down Under
22-03-08, 07:59
Thank you all for your thought's, I'll see what happens after Easter I may do it after that .