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vikki brace
17-03-08, 21:03
Can anyone suggest a date when this picture could have been taken?

There is not agreat deal of details to go on. it says Marion Titchmarsh and Stanley, but I have no idea who they are. (obviously related to my Titchmarsh, as it came from a family album)


Joan of Archives
17-03-08, 21:47
Hi Vikki

I would have said early 1900's, possibly 1905 ish looking at the lady's sleeves.


Anne in Carlisle
17-03-08, 21:57
I would say about 1910. What a strange hairstyle Marion has :confused:

The baby is far too cute to be called Stanley!!!


17-03-08, 22:05
My first thought was about 1910 too going by the blouse she is wearing.

Olde Crone Holden
17-03-08, 22:30
I have seen that hairstyle before, but thought it was earlier than the age of the photo.

She looks as if she might have a very high forehead and the false fringe effect might be covering that, and possibly thin hair at the front.


18-03-08, 12:27
i would say early 19130,s brenda xxx

vikki brace
18-03-08, 13:05
Thanks for your suggestions, He is too cute to be a Stanley, I just wish I knew if he was Stanley Titchmarsh or if Titchmarsh is Marions maiden name

is that 1910 or 1930 Bren?

Meridian Line
20-03-08, 21:21

there's a Herbert Stanley Titchmarch birth registered 1909 in Caxton, Cambs.
Does the area ring any bells?

Velma Dinkley
21-03-08, 00:25
Vikki - that lady is so like you!

vikki brace
21-03-08, 17:44

there's a Herbert Stanley Titchmarch birth registered 1909 in Caxton, Cambs.
Does the area ring any bells?

Not ringing any at the moment, I was hoping to find out who Marion was, she is wearing a wedding ring, so I am asuming Titchmarsh is her married name, I think this will be a 1911 census check :(

vikki brace
21-03-08, 17:46
Vikki - that lady is so like you!

So that would mean she is the Titchmarsh (by birth) and would also narrow down who she could be. I wonder if she was known as Marion, but was a Mary Ann or something like that.

Sadly still no closer to figuring out who either of them are

vikki brace
21-03-08, 20:29
Woooohoooo, I have solved this mystery - only took 3 years

Marion was the wife of Francis Herbert (Aka Herbie) Titchmarsh, they married in 1917 and Herbert Stanley was born in 1918.

I am sooooooo happy :D:D:D

Meridian Line
21-03-08, 21:58
Well done, Vikki....nice to solve a puzzle occasionally :)

Velma Dinkley
22-03-08, 00:07
Does that mean that I'm imagining things and she's not blood related to you? :o

vikki brace
22-03-08, 09:28
Well no, there is a chance that Marion is related to me too.

Franics Herbert Titchmarsh's grandmother was a Jones and it seems that Marion might be related to this mothers family. got to do a bit of digging

Tell me what you think of these 2 ladies. one is Marion and the other is Francis' mother

http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o170/Vikkibrace/Family%20Photographs/MarionTitchmarshStanley-1.jpg and http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o170/Vikkibrace/Family%20Photographs/ElizabethTushingham-1.jpg

22-03-08, 09:44

there is deffo a resemblance there... eyes nose mouth...

vikki brace
22-03-08, 09:49
Oh, good at least it means i'm not imagining it then, off to trace my Jones now - wish me luck:D

22-03-08, 10:42

I know you wont need it :D

Velma Dinkley
22-03-08, 12:02
Phew! :D

Face shape, nose & mouth definitely similar, athough eyes different.

Good luck with your search.

I managed to prove that two second cousins had married a while back, and a short while later was in contact with their granddaughter, who was not aware of it :)