View Full Version : Any ideas on location, please?

Muggins in Sussex
15-03-08, 09:31


15-03-08, 17:16
does it look like this do you think?

http://www.worcestercitymuseums.org.uk/content/oldpics/river/30012.jpg (http://www.worcestercitymuseums.org.uk/content/oldpics/river.htm)

the watermans church river severn worcester

maybe not, can't see church in yours!

15-03-08, 17:18
what sort of area do you think it is?

Muggins in Sussex
15-03-08, 17:40
Thanks Jean - In fact I've no idea where I think it might be - my family background is all so shrouded in mystery - I came across this photo when I was rummaging where I probably shouldn't have been rummaging!

Am just looking for any clues!

Chrissie Smiff
15-03-08, 17:52
I wonder how old the photograph is Pat? It looks a little bit like an old version of Bideford. It's a pity we don't see more of Dawnie, she would know if it was.

Muggins in Sussex
15-03-08, 18:30
Hi Chrissie - I think the lady in the photo is Marguerite Rathbone, born 1895 - if that is any clue as to date.

I did wonder whether the photo might have been taken in France or Germany (the Rhone or Rhine?) as it looks such a wide river


Anne in Carlisle
15-03-08, 20:21
Could it be somewhere on the Thames? There's plenty of bridges over wide bit of river on there but I'm afraid I don't know it very well.


Just Barbara
15-03-08, 20:37
I was wondering the same as Anne, perhaps the upper reaches of the Thames, sometime in the 1950s from the look of the couple.

24-03-08, 13:55
When I first saw this photo if reminded me of my childhood summers along the Thames. It reminds me of the Maidenhead or Henley area? Could be wrong but theres just something about it that I've seen before. If anything comes to mind will let you know.

24-03-08, 13:58
List of crossings of the River Thames - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossings_of_the_River_Thames)
Joan try this.........

24-03-08, 14:09
I'm wondering if it is a river at all, but somewhere on the Norfolk Broads.

24-03-08, 18:13
himself says is Holmforth, Cos Norah Batty is sitting on the railings.

You can thump him

Velma Dinkley
24-03-08, 22:04
Joan - it's definitely Maidenhead, cos I live there :D

The people are on the Bucks side of the river with the Thames Riviera Hotel behind them :)

Muggins in Sussex
02-04-08, 21:22
Only just seen this reply

Thanks, Velma.

My guess was way out .....
And thanks to everyone else ... I can see the Norah Batty resemblance !!

03-04-08, 21:07
It looked like Aylesbury or Wroxham.

Velma Dinkley
04-04-08, 12:27
Pleased to be of help Joan :)

Just found this on the Frances Firth collection, dated 1955, so around the same time as your photo....

Photo of Maidenhead, River Scene c1955 (http://www.francisfrith.com/search/england/berkshire/maidenhead/photos/maidenhead_M7021.htm)

Muggins in Sussex
05-04-08, 10:59
Thanks again, Velma - that's definately it!

Keith Trotman14
06-05-08, 20:37
Hi Muggins, This is I think Hampton Court Bridge as I can see the Thames Hotel and the Jazz club that I went to in the 50s to the right of the hotel. there had been several bridges and this one is not the current bridge. I can also see the outlet of the river Mole to the left of the picture. I am about 70% sure that this is at Hampton court.
Regards Keith from Pagham in West Sussex formerly from West Molesey in Surrey.

10-05-08, 18:01
is it the iron bridge in staffordshire ?brenda xxx

10-05-08, 18:14
My first thought was Maidenhead. Been there many times and the picture looked familiar if different.


Olde Crone Holden
10-05-08, 23:17
Pity we can't see the registration on the boat!

Funny, I thought there was something German about it too, before I read the thread.