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06-03-08, 20:07
I've finally got hold of some very old family photos and of course there is nothing written on the back. I think they are of my paternal grandfather's family but it's a guess. Anyway, could some kind soul have a look and give me an idea of the decade? Thankyou


06-03-08, 20:12
For some reason it keeps posting the same photo even though I am on another?? Will try later

06-03-08, 20:26
the baby is it a boy?they used to dress boys in as girls in the 1800.s even with bonnets,my employers grandfather is dressed that way on a portraite
brenda xxx

Just Barbara
06-03-08, 20:47
Hi, looking at her dress and hair I think she might be about 1889...,;)

06-03-08, 21:17

If this is the same photo again I will scream!!!:mad:

Thankyou for your replies, it's pretty much the time I thought it was, and would tie in with my grandad's birth. It may be him or his sister.

This new pic looks earlier to me??

Just Barbara
07-03-08, 10:59
Hi, I think the photo is about 1900, this is because of the younger ladies fabulous hat, have you looked at the older ladies mantle? it must have been stunning.

07-03-08, 12:45
Thanks Barbara, it's so frustrating when you are trying to guess who these people are!! One last question...I promise.... is the seated lady the same as the young mother picture?


Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated. I've got to the point where I'm studying foreheads and ears of people just to try and see if they might be related!!:o

Just Barbara
07-03-08, 17:45
No, it's not the mum, but if you look at the middle photo, it looks like them and the time would be right........

07-03-08, 22:34
Once again, thankyou Barbara for your input. I'm going to assign these photos to my Paynes (an apt name as I know so little about them!) The seated lady has such sad eyes. I'm convinced now they are part of my grandfather's family who was a bit of a sad soul himself!

Just Barbara
08-03-08, 11:14