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Joan of Archives
27-02-08, 21:05

Anyone have a rough idea when this was taken please?


27-02-08, 21:24
Going by the three women at the back (two on right and one on far left) I would suggest adate somewhere in the early twenties shortly after the 1st ww.


Rachel Scand
27-02-08, 22:07
Sorry ....can not bear pics at a weird angle

(not cleaned or fiddled with ... just straightened)


Joan of Archives
27-02-08, 22:10
Thanks Don !!

Thanks Rachel, that is much better !


28-02-08, 07:50
Well both the men are wearing the same type of suits with waistcoats that my great grandfather is wearing in a photo I have of him and it was taken in about 1924-25 just before he died. But he was very poor so his suit 'fashion' wise might be quite a few years older.

But the woman with the necklace look like like she is wearing the stuff that was just coming in in the roaring twenties 'thoroughly modern Milly'. Her hairstyle is way modern for the times in my opinion. The other women look more severe.

Rachel Scand
28-02-08, 21:15
I keep wondering why the photographer didn't manage to get it straighter :confused: ...
love the expression on the face of the woman seated :)

Joan of Archives
28-02-08, 21:42
LOL Rachel, yes, I know!! :D

Do you think the two men seated could be related? I thought their noses were very similar! Maybe father & son? Or could they be brothers?


Rachel Scand
28-02-08, 21:52
They look very similar ... but I'm really useless at guessing ages

Merry Monty Montgomery
28-02-08, 22:56
Alcoholised thoughts on this photo.............

The older man and the lady next to him are husband and wife. The house is their home (they look relaxed). The other man at the front is their son who is visiting with his wife, who is the lady on the left at the back with the beads. They don't visit very often (she's a bit overdressed and has had her hair done) and have come from a town (she is more fashionable than the other women) into the country to see his parents. The two children are theirs. The lady second from the right at the back is an unmarried sister of the younger man at the front (she looks like him and like her mother, the seated lady). She still lives at home and can't get married because she has to look after her parents. It's possible the other woman on the far right is her younger sister. Probably the youngest in the family. The old lady at the back with the lace collar is a sister of the older man (she looks like him). She is either a widow or a spinster (I feel the latter - don't know why!).

Date? About mid-1920's


Older couple, mid 60's
Younger man, early 40's
His wife, late 30's
His older sister, mid 30's
His younger sister, mid 20's
His aunt, mid 60's
Girl, 6 or 7
Boy, 4

Rachel Scand
29-02-08, 01:24
Alcoholised thoughts on this photo.............

And the photographer ! :D ....
poor soul couldn't even get the tripod to stand up properly :)

Olde Crone Holden
29-02-08, 02:07
LOL Merry!

I thought I was the only person who ever made up stories about the people in group photos.

(But at least I keep them to myself!)

Mind you, I think you are spot on.


Joan of Archives
29-02-08, 10:00
Raoflmho Merry !!

I could have done with the benefit of alcohol last night :D

Actually you may be spot on with the old chap's age (my g. granddad) he was born in 1861 so I reckon 65 or so when this was taken. The man can't be his son though as my granddad was the only boy, & I am guessing he may have taken the photo. I wonder if the man was his nephew, hence the resemblance. I don't think the homely lady seated is g. grandma though because she was in an asylum then :o after falling down the stairs & getting brain damage, although she does look a bit spaced out in this picture, I have another of her which I could put on later. I do have a very old picture who we think was g. grandma & I don't think it's that lady. That's why I wonder if it is his nephew seated, & the lady is his sister in law maybe?

Going for a lie down now, lol!

29-02-08, 14:14
about 1920,s brenda xxx