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Joan of Archives
24-02-08, 17:22

Can anyone help to date this photo please?

It was taken in Luton by King Brothers 30, Bute Street Luton. Am I right in guessing around 1890-1900 ?

The age of the lady would help too.

I will try to scan the back as well.


Joan of Archives
24-02-08, 17:24
And here's the back :


Christine in Herts
24-02-08, 17:28
Have we got this link for fashion-dating?

NEN Gallery : Fashion & Clothing (http://gallery.e2bn.org/gallery6-.html)


Joan of Archives
24-02-08, 17:50
Thanks Christine I have had a look on that site, still not sure of the date though.

Any ideas appreciated.


Joan of Archives
24-02-08, 18:57
Hiya Bob thanks!

I reckon it is around 1888. I have found this great site for dating photos, including photo backs :

Victorian and Edwardian Photographs - Carte de Visite - Roger Vaughan Personal Collection (http://www.rogerco.freeserve.co.uk/)


Merry Monty Montgomery
24-02-08, 19:06
Didn't you have another photo taken at 30 Bute St? Was it a Mr Baker??

Joan of Archives
24-02-08, 19:47
Inspector Montgomery !! Lol !!

Yes, my previous older picture was taken circa 1871, Joseph Baker must have sold the business to the King Bros, but I am having trouble tracking them on the 1891 census Merry. Can you help? In 1881 & 1891 there is no 30 Bute Street but it must have existed!


Merry Monty Montgomery
24-02-08, 20:04
I think the enumerator forgot to number Bute St in 1881. It is there (no numbers) but no one called King listed.

Will have a look for 1891 and 1901.......

Merry Monty Montgomery
24-02-08, 20:08
I've looked at all the people called King in 1901 living in Luton. No photographers :(

Looking at 1891........

Merry Monty Montgomery
24-02-08, 20:10

Harrod & Co.'s Directory of Beds, Bucks ..., 1876

King Brothers, stationers, Bute St., Luton.

Joan of Archives
24-02-08, 20:13
Oooo Merry !

Do you think they had a sideline of taking pics ? Lol !

I think 30 Bute Street is a warehouse in 1891 ?


24-02-08, 20:16
I would place the date of this photograph far earlier than has been given so far. Her hair has a centre parting with plaits that rise at the back of the head and project over the crown, with the hair set in this fashion her ears are left fully exposed (showning off her earrings nicely in this photograph). The bodice has padded shoulders and the sleeves are full from the shoulder seam to the wrist and are styled in "coat sleeve" fashion. The main body of the bodice has a V front to it and this is set off with a possible chemisette rather than a full blouse which gives its "lacey" type frill to it. Leaning on the Chaise Longue as she is the bustle of her skirt can be seen and one can see that there is no decoration to the front (apron nor curtain). With all this in mind I would suggest a date during the 1870's, possibly around the early to mid 70's. As for the photographer's, King Brothers, I can only find them in Luton in 1876 in a trade directory but not as photographer's but as stationers.


Joan of Archives
24-02-08, 20:24
Thanks Don !

I wondered if it is actually circa 1880 now, I agree 1888 is too late.

The trouble is I don't know who she is, only one branch of my family came from Luton, & she looks about 25-35 so the date doesn't fit at all ! I did wonder if she was the little girl in my other picture on my other thread, but grown up, that's why I thought late 1880's.


25-02-08, 21:12
she has a bussel so early victorian i think brenda xxx

Chrissie Smiff
25-02-08, 22:12
I'm not ignoring you Joanie, just not very good at this stuff. One thing I did notice though was that the only similar hairstyle I could find was mid 1700s. Your lady could have been old fashioned though I suppose :o