View Full Version : AOL update

Rosie Knees
15-02-08, 09:10
could someone with AOL check their version please?

I had an email mid December saying they were going to do all sorts of stuff and I think there was a process to go through. The boss doesn't know whether anything occurred while I was off over Christmas (this is the work puter btw) - if anything 'odd' pops up he just hits the cross to close the box down.

My version (actually, it says 'revision') is 4156.5035.

ta very much:)

alan 128
15-02-08, 09:57
If you go to keyword from pop up box select AOL 9.0 features you can downdload latest version

Rosie Knees
15-02-08, 19:00
thanks Alan. I am home now so will probably check on Monday when back at work.