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14-02-08, 23:54
I have a Sarah Holmes, born c1826 in St Lawrence Jewry, City of London. Not having found any previous London-born rellies, I wasn't sure where to look for the baptism record, but a bit of poking around on Google turned up this: St Lawrence Jewry, City of London - Combs &c. (http://www.combs-families.org/combs/records/england/lnd/stlawrencejewry.htm)

Parish records are in the Guildhall Library: baptisms, 1538-1812 and 1941-53; marriages, 1538-1928 and 1938-51; banns, 1754-1933; and burials, 1538-1853. The registers for baptisms for the years, 1813-1940, and marriages, 1928-38, were destroyed in 1940.

So, no baptism record and pre-civ reg... any bright ideas where else I might find a record of her? Failing that, I have the father's name from her marriage certificate so it would probably be a reasonable assumption that anyone marrying a John Shore Holmes in SLJ shortly before 1826 is most probably Sarah's mother.

Aha, I've found John in 1841, which helps. Church Passage, St Lawrence Jewry, Middlesex (same address as Sarah's on the marriage cert), HO107/721, folio 7, page 10:

John Holmes, 50, plumber (also matches cert), born in county
Susan Holmes, 50, do
George Holmes, 15, do
William Holmes, 15, do
Eliza Dedman, 15, do
Henry Leonard, 25, traveller, do
Susanna Leonard, 20, do
Mary Ann Leonard, 1, do
Henry Leonard, 6 months, do

Henry and Mary Ann Leonard were two of the witnesses to Sarah's marriage (her father was the other), dunno if they were related to the Holmeses or just friends. Haven't worked out where Eliza Dedman fits in.

Roger in Sussex
15-02-08, 00:10
Have you tried Pallott's baptism index?

Little Nell
15-02-08, 00:12
Interestingly St Lawrence Jewry is next door to the Guildhall. I looked on Pallot's baptism index on Ancestry but didn't find your lady.

Have you tried looking for her parents in 1841 - what is John's occupation on the marriage cert?

Little Nell
15-02-08, 00:20
Just read your addition about 1841. Eliza Dedman's occupation is "FS" which means female servant. She was probably a general skivvy.

Perhaps the Leonards were just lodgers, or possibly Henry was a son of Susan by a previous marriage. Of course you don't know that the Holmes were all Susan's children either.

Little Nell
15-02-08, 00:24
Oh, and John says he wasn't born in county and neither was Susan.

15-02-08, 00:37
Thanks, as I'm not used to London rellies I hadn't thought of Pallot's. Tried the marriage index and no sign of John and Susan on there either.

Bother, must have misread the form. My grey matter is evidently on strike...

George Holmes is still living in Church Passage, SLJ in 1851, married to Eliza and with children George and James. I did wonder if this meant he'd run off with the servant girl, but September 1847, City of London, v2 p108a gives George Holmes and Eliza House on the same page, so it probably isn't Eliza Dedman! Can't find John and Susan, although John was signing his daughter's marriage certificate in 1859 so he must be around somewhere.

Mary Ann Leonard is at 4 Church Passage in 1861, no sign of any Holmeses.

15-02-08, 03:29
What about Susanna Leonard being the married daughter of John and Susan ? This seems to fit the usual way I have seen families recorded in 1841.


15-02-08, 09:33
I would guess that Susanna is the married daughter of either John or Susan or both.

vikki brace
15-02-08, 10:29
just saw this thread - I have the registers for St Lawrene Jewry, but they only go upto 1812.

If I were you I would contact the Guildhall labrary, they are a really helpful bunch. they might be able to offer advice on where else to look- worth a try

15-02-08, 11:03
Thanks for the suggestions.


September 1838, Shoreditch, v2 p298

Henry Leonard
Susanna Holmes