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Chris in Sussex
14-02-08, 20:22
I bought my laptop two years ago and it came with one of those free security programmes.

The 'free time' ran out and I did my own thing and am very happy with what I have :)

I have now tried to remove the free programme.

I go to add/remove and click on the anti virus programme to remove.

It then asks if I am sure if I want to remove XXXX from my computer and then I click Yes.

It then says it is initialising the removal and then freezes my computer. It goes to the egg timer and sticks there :(

I have tried this numerous times on my laptop with the same result. (I have left it for over an hour to get it's act together) I then have to reset my computer by switching off and then on......Nothing else works :(

My parent's bought the same laptop and haven't upgraded so I tried deleting the free programme from theirs.........They freeze too!!!!

Anyone any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

Val wish Id never started
14-02-08, 21:02
is it norton by any chance

Val wish Id never started
14-02-08, 21:04
have nudged up the thread look at post number 15

Chris in Sussex
14-02-08, 21:44

No it isn't Norton that I'm trying to delete.

It is something called CA eTrust Antivirus...Came free for a time with the laptop.

I have all the freebies (call me a cheapskate :) ) so am just looking to get rid of this programme that seems to be using up alot of my hard disc????

Val wish Id never started
14-02-08, 22:05
Ca Etrust Ez Antivirus 7.1 Free One Year ... (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic65629.html)
have a look at this site it says it slows up your pc maybe they can help

Lyn A
14-02-08, 22:26
Have you tried uninstalling it in safe mode?

It may work, but otherwise there is this solution.........

How to totally remove CA etrust Antivirus - Wilders Security Forums (http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=175239)

Chris in Sussex
15-02-08, 11:52
Thanks to the both of you for the suggestions. I have had a look at the options and they are way beyond my limited computer skills :eek:

Oh well it has been sitting there for two years so I can wait another couple of months till the computer expert gets back from Uni. I'll just add it to the long list of things he must do to earn his keep :D

Many thanks again.