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Mavis by the Moor
14-02-08, 16:35
1n 1851 Issac & Elizabeth Richards are living in Camborne & have Elizabeth Vivian with them listed as visitor occ scholar - ok.
But in 1841 census they are living on Sark & have Elizabeth Vivian aged 3 living with them. (No relationships being 1841).

Now was she visiting all that time?! :confused:

It's not really important, just doing a crazy tangent to see how many of the miners on Sark in 1841 I can find in 1851!!!:eek: See my other thread on missing Cornish miners. Thought I might find who died in the mining accident in 1845, but too many common names & not enough info. Still reckon Issac survived!!

Elaine ..Spain
14-02-08, 16:40
Quite a variation in the earlier censuses Tom

1841 - 6th June
1851 - 30th March
1861 - 7th April

Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 16:43
I doubt if she would have been described as visitor if she had been staying with the family for ten years. Dangerous to draw conclusions from one night every ten years.


Mavis by the Moor
14-02-08, 16:45
That's a long way to go on hols in 1841, aged 3yrs - from Camborne to Sark!
(OK Tom, I agree I didn't say she was born in Camborne on my first post!)

14-02-08, 17:50
I think "visitor" quite often means "can't be bothered to give exact definition of relationship" or, as you say, some relationship that they didn't want to mention. I have come across quite a few "visitors" who are still there on the next census.

14-02-08, 18:33
A lot of the "visitors" with members of my family have turned out to be relations.