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14-02-08, 15:46
Hi - does anyone know of a free site for Scottish bmd?

I'm trying to find the wives/widows of Lawson Harper, Paisley c1880-1888 - he appears to have married 3 times during this period!!

Regards to all

BigShaz McCreadie
14-02-08, 16:13
It's not quite the same as the Free BMD site but it is worth a look.

The site doesn't have transcribers in the same way but other people, like myself, who have certain registration documents choose to submit them to the site.

Then if you find someone you are looking for you can contact the person who submitted the info and they will send you a copy by email.

Scotland genealogy ~ a free Scottish family history resource (http://www.sctbdm.com/)

14-02-08, 16:17
If that site doesn't come up with anything, try FamilySearch, try googling his name, and if you still find nothing then you will probably have to bite the bullet and buy some credits on Scotland's People. It's good value for money, though.

BigShaz McCreadie
14-02-08, 16:20
I actually had a look for you and couldn't find any Lawson Harper's.

I have now checked Scotlands People and have found 6 Lawson Harper marriages all taking place in Paisley Renfrew.

I think the 3 you are looking for are

1880 to Catherine Colquhoun

1883 to Sarah McDevit

1888 to Catherine Gilchrist

You can view the images for these marriages at Official government source for Scottish genealogy, census and family research - ScotlandsPeople (http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk) but as Kite says you will have to buy some credits.

£6.00 for 30 credits which is roughly 20p a credit.
In this case it will cost you 1 credit to view the page of results after your search and then 5 credits to view each of the 3 images so that works out at 16 credits = £3.20

14-02-08, 16:23
Hi - thanks both for your replies;

Have tried googling, Family search, SCTbdm etc but no success.

Have just run out of latest lot of credits on SP, hence request as their searches seem to run away with £'s - maybe give it another go tomorrow!!


14-02-08, 16:27
Hi Big Shaz - thanks for looking

I was reseraching the Harper/Gilchrist one when I saw that Lawson was a widow at time of marriage in 1888

Had just one credit left and found the same info as you e.g. Catherine Colquhoun 1880 and Sarah Mcdivit 1883.

Have just been on ancestry and 1881 Scotland census lists Lawson Harper living with his in-laws and 5 month old daughter, so presume his first wife Catherine died during/just after childbirth.

Maybe the same fate for Sarah too?

Uncle John
14-02-08, 20:57
Have just run out of latest lot of credits on SP, hence request as their searches seem to run away with £'s - maybe give it another go tomorrow!!

There's an art to reducing the cost of SP searches, but also a lot of luck.:D

15-02-08, 15:35
Hi Uncle John - please do share how you keep SP costs down ... was just about to do a few searches ... so await your expertise!

15-02-08, 15:58
I don't know what Uncle John's tip is going to be, but mine is to try to get exactly one page full of results from a search before you click to view the results. And always check your previous searches to make sure you haven't already searched for the same thing!

Olde Crone Holden
15-02-08, 16:38
I have found it pays to search in several different ways for the same event on SP to narrow down the possibilities.

For example, looking for a death the other day (can't remember who, sorry) I entered "Aberdeen" as the likely death place. Nothing came up. I "reduced" the information by taking out mother's maiden name etc, still nothing.

I then looked at the last census she was on and entered St Nicholas (Aberdeen)as the possible place of death - and up she came. With the correct mother's maiden name too.

I then repeated the search just for idle curiosity and put in all relevant info except the place of death. No results!


16-02-08, 11:09
Thanks for the advice Kiterunner and OC ... speedily got through another 30 credits in just a few mins yesterday, thankfully just 1 wrong document ... trying to pace myself now but was on a roll and have now got another list of stuff to look up on SP ... maybe pop on later when have exhausted other lines of research.

Although did find some quite interesting info yesterday ... Lawson Harper DID marry 3 times in 8 years ... 1880, 1883 and 1888 ... his first 2 wives died ... fortunately No3, the one I was researching, survived .........!