View Full Version : Have you lost any Cornish miners in 1841 census?

Mavis by the Moor
14-02-08, 11:58
I got sent off on a tangent, by a song! which talked about Cornish Tin miners going to Sark to mine silver, leaving Cornwall in about 1836 and returning in about 1844. So I went into the census and sure enough there's a goodly number of English (being foreign that was obviously all the info required :p) men listed as "miners silverlode", on the 1841 census and none on the 1851.
Then got further carried away, because the song said one stayed and married a local girl, and there is one, Thomas Rowe, who in 1851 is farming 5 acres. My OH's mother's side are Cornish Rowe's, miners & farmers, so I'm now going to spend ages trying to make a connection. :eek: